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The Examination begins Now!

We’ve done all our work and now it is the turn of an independent examiner to review our Neighbourhood plan and make sure that it meets a number of criteria set by the Government in Town and Country Planning legislation.

West Northamptonshire (South) Planning Team have sent our plan and all the supporting information about consultations to the recently appointed independent examiner who will now spend some weeks undertaking an examination which will include a detailed examination of our plan, questioning the neighbourhood planning team where clarification is needed, examining our communications to date and any representations, and even visiting the parish where required to get a fuller picture of the impact of the plan.

Once the independent examiner has completed the review they will issue a report to West Northamptonshire (South) Planning Team who will then publish it. If the local planning authority is satisfied that the report complies with planning considerations then West Northamptonshire Planning will send the plan to a referendum within the Parish.

We will share the progress of the examination on this website as we are updated.

Chairman’s Report May 2021

There is little to report this month other than to confirm that, at the time of writing, the process of External Examination is proceeding. Alan Munn (WNC)  was in the process of finalising the contract with Examiner, Andrew Matheson, when we last spoke. Mr Matheson had stated that he expected the process to last four weeks, including any site visit he felt was necessary. My expectation would be that he will have completed the process by the time of the next Parish Council meeting, June 8th, but his report may not be available to us by then.

Any changes required to the Plan would then have to be made before the process moved on to Referendum. WNC will then organise the Referendum. Alan Munn has stated that we will be involved throughout the process; I have no reason whatsoever to doubt that, as communication between us has been excellent.

Roy Hawkesford
19th May 2021

Working Party Meeting – April 7th 2021

In attendance: Roy Hawesford (Chair), Cllr Jo Willmer, Cllr Carol Lloyd, Maz Woolley

Due to Covid restrictions his meeting was held virtually using Zoom.

RH presented the meeting a grid of responses to the Regulation 16 consultation recently carried out by SNC and explained the feedback from Alan Munn at SNC/WCC and our consultant Michael Wellock.

A response sent within time but to the Parish Clerk and not SNC by Historic England will be passed to WNC and has been included in our review of feedback.

We reviewed all the comments and made further comment ourselves where this is appropriate. RH to do a final tidy and update with policy reference number in Historic England Section. Team was unanimous in all the responses. This will be sent to our Consultant to check, and discussed informally with WNC (South) planning team before being formally submitted via the Parish Clerk.

The Neighbourhood Plan website was discussed and MW agreed to update it and to create a brief meeting record. MW also agreed to write a short article for the Parish Magazine.

The next step in the making of the plan will be the appointment of an examiner and the formal review of the plan, and responses.

Our review will be passed to the examiner alongside the original responses. It will also be available at some point in the area covering our Neighbourhood plan on the WNC South Northamptonshire area planning portal.

The referendum following the examination is highly unlikely to take place before early in June. A brief discussion was held about whether virtual sessions could be offered for questions instead of meetings at the village hall if lockdown has not finished before the referendum takes place. It was thought that more clarity on exactly Covid regulations and timetable is needed before we can plan any publicity meetings before referendum.

The meeting closed.

Regulation 16 Consultation Complete

South Northants Council (SNC) has now completed the consultations on the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan that they are obliged to do under Regulation 16 of the relevant planning legislation. If you wish to see the responses that were received please follow the following link

There you may find the version of the plan we submitted to SNC and the comments that they received.

The next step is for a suitable approved Planning Inspector to be engaged to carry out the next step of the plan approval process which is an examination of the plan, the representations made, and the process followed. The Inspector has to ensure that the plan is fully compliant with the Government’s National Planning Framework and that the policies and justifications are all appropriate and consistent.

This examination may take a few weeks as it is not a trivial task.

Once the examination is complete the Inspector will issue a report which may require changes to be made to the Plan which would need to be made before the plan becomes a final version. The final version will then be made available and SNC/WNC will arrange a referendum where residents in the Parish will get the opportunity to say Yes or No to the plan. If a simple majority of voters say Yes then the plan is ‘made’ and will apply to all planning applications made within the Parish from that point onwards with WNC obliged to take note of the provisions of the plan when making decisions on any planning applications within the parish.

The team hopes that we can publicise the final plan once the examination is over and before the referendum but with Covid restrictions still in place we may not be able to do this in person and may need to be creative about our approach to this.

What happens after the Regulation 16 Consultation Ends?

Roy Hawkesford, the Chair of our Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Team, met virtually with Alan Munn of SNC on March 18th. SNC are still collecting representations and will continue to do so until the end of the official regulation 16 consultation period late in March. The SNC planning team will remain responsible for the plan although they will be operating under the new West Northamptonshire Authority name from April 8th.

Once R16 consultation ends the SNC/WNC Planning team will advertise for a qualified Planning Examiner. Our Neighbourhood Plan team will be consulted during the choice of Examiner and SNC/WNC will then appoint the Examiner. The Examination is expected to take about two weeks and the Examiner will consider our plan and representations made in the consultation. The Examiner will decide if there are any amendments needed to the plan to conform to Government planning policy and meet legitimate representations. If there are we may need to work with SNC/WNC Planning to make amendments to meet the Examiners requirements.

Once the final approved version of the plan exists SNC/WNC will organise a referendum within Hackleton Parish and parishioners will have the chance to vote for or against the plan. The Neighbourhood Plan team hope that will be able to put on an exhibition for residents to set out the plan and give people an opportunity to ask questions before they vote. However, that will be subject to the date of the Referendum and what Covid related restrictions apply at the time. In any event we hope to use the Parish Magazine and this web site to keep people informed before the referendum.

RegulatioN 16 Consultation under way

South Northants Council (SNC) has begun their consultation on the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan. You will find the area dedicated to this consultation on the SNC website at

All responses must be made to SNC following the procedures set out there.

Posters issued by SNC giving advice on the consultation exercise may be found in the Parish Notice Boards as shown in the photographs below.

The consultation exercise ends on 26th March 2021.

Regulation 16 Consultation

The SNC led Regulation 16 consultation phase on the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan opens on February 10th 2021 and lasts until March 26th 2021. This consultation is web and email based and the SNC poster below shows the contact details which will be in force from February 10th. Please note that all comments should be made as to SNC as shown on the poster below following the procedures set by SNC. The poster shown below will be posted up around the parish shortly.

Following this SNC will arrange for a Government approved Planning Inspector to review the plan to confirm that it conforms with the law and the Government’s National Planning Framework after which they will organise a referendum in the parish to approve the plan.

Approved MInutes for the Steering Group Meeting – 10th September 2020


Date: 10th September 2020Time: 9:30amVenue: Virtual via Zoom
Members present: R Hawkesford (Chairman) C Lloyd & M Woolley.
Also present: Parish Clerk – A Benson
NP/23/20There were no apologies for absence.
NP/24/20There were no declarations of interest.
NP/25/20There were no members of the public in attendance
RESOLVED: To approve the minutes of the meeting 18th May 2020.
NP/27/20Matters Arising and brief update
Minute NP/20/20 – Confirmation received from SNC that Regulation 16 consultation can go ahead virtually.
NP/28/20Review of action following Regulation 14 Consultation
Responses were assessed and further discussion took place regarding green spaces and amendments to the Plan were made. The amended Plan has been forwarded to the Consultant.
NP/29/20Action on environmental appendix
An environmental appendix has been added to the Plan.
NP/30/20Further action regarding Regulation 16 Consultation
Once the plan is returned by the Consultant further review and final amendments to be made. The Plan will then be returned to the Consultant for submission to SNC.
Action: M Woolley to draft an updating article for the Parish Mag’
NP/31/20To consider implications of LGR
The Plan cannot go to referendum until May 2021 at the earliest.
NP/21/20Financial Update
Consultant paid to date. Final grant of £1000.00 received. Total cost well within budget.
NP/22/20Next meeting – To be confirmed.

NB These minutes have been added to this site for completeness. It should be noted that as a formal meeting of the Parish Council the approved copy of the minutes is formally recorded on the Parish Council Website.

Working Party Meeting – January 18th 2021

In Attendance: Roy Hawkesford (Chair), Cllr Carol Lloyd, Maz Woolley

This meeting was to review whether the R16 submission documents were ready for forwarding the the Clerk for formally sending to SNC.

RH infomed meeting that SNC are ready to receive the R16 draft PLan and associated paperwork.

All present agreed that the document pack was now ready to pass to SNC and RH was actioned to pass these to the Parish Clerk to send to SNC in line with the recent approval to send from the Parish Council.

The meeting closed.

Working Party Meeting – 13th January 2021

Attendees: Roy Hawkesford (Chair); Cllr Carol LLoyd, Cllr Jo Willmer, Maz Woolley

Meeting 10:00AM 13th January 2021 by Zoom

This meeting was to review the recently returned R16 documentation set. Roy reported that following issues raised by the team prior to the meeting he had spoken to Michael, our Consultant, and that he had confirmed that our list of corrections supplied in December 2020 had not been applied to the plan and that Michael would apply the amendments and return the documents again.

The team agreed that Michael had supplied the full set of documents needed, as set out in the SNC Local Plan guide, which once corrected, are suitable to give to the Clerk to pass to SNC. A further working party meeting will be set up for Monday 18th so that after checking the documents to be updated and returned by our Consultant they can be agreed as OK to pass to the Parish Clerk.