Latest Activities

Consultations on the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan are now complete and are available to view at:

Your Neighbourhood Plan team have reviewed the comments. Many are just items to be noted, whilst a few require some minor modifications like adding items to the policy map. The team are pleased to say that the main provisions of the plan have been positively received. Our comments will be passed to WNC Southern Planning Team in due course once reviewed with our Consultant.

WNC South Planning Team has passed us details of suitable approved Examiners who are available to carry out the next step of the plan approval process. The team has identified a preferred examiner but we now await to see if they will take on the task. Once appointed we can expect the Examiner to take a few weeks to examine the plan, discuss any questions or concerns with WNC and ourselves and then issue recommendations and modifications to complete the plan. After that the final plan is available and a referendum will be arranged by West Northamptonshire Council.

Our most recent working party meeting record may be read here.

Next Meetings

The next meeting will be set as needed once the examiner has been appointed.