Virtual Exhibition – Our Event 2nd June 2018


Welcome to our virtual tour of the Neighbourhood Plan event we held on Saturday June 2nd.

On a warm and inviting day, 284 residents came to the Village Hall to see an exhibition on the future of their parish. This was staged by the Steering Group at a significant stage in the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. It was important because it gave the community the opportunity to comment on the work done so far  and to offer its own contributions.

The feedback was really positive, welcoming the scope and content of the exhibition, and recognising the amount of work undertaken. A questionnaire was given to everyone to fill afterwards, while enjoying tea and cakes supplied by the local W.I. It was a community event worthy of the name.

If you were not able to attend the event why not follow the topics down this page to do a virtual tour of the Event held at Hackleton Village Hall on  the 2nd June 2018. Click where prompted or on the photograph of any photograph below to see a page with items from the topic in a readable form.

Sadly we cannot recreate the experience of the excellent tea and cakes provided by the W.I. online!



Your Parish

This topic showed the parish boundaries, village confines and gave a description of each of the communities within the parish. Click here see a page showing much more content on this topic.


Our History

This topic looks back at the parish area and its history. We were lucky to have Roy and Liz Friendship-Taylor with us from the Piddington Roman Museum with an excellent display about the local areas history in addition to our own look at aspects of our history including listed buildings and buildings we may wish to conserve. Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

What you said in 2013

A consultation exercise was held in 2013 when South Northants Council embarked on the creation of a Local Plan. This has provided the team doing the Neighbourhood plan with a wealth of useful information. One of the reasons to hold the event was to make sure that nothing has significantly changed since 2013 which might have changed the responses that people made. Click here see a page showing more content on this topic.


What has been going on since 2013

Time does not stand still and many things have happened since 2013 and this topic was intended to show that the Parish Council had listened to the comments and taken the initiative where they could, providing new lighting and litter bins throughout the parish.

Another thing that has happened since 2013 is quite a large amount of infill development as well as the creation of Oak Way in Hackleton. This has used up a significant amount of the potential infill land within the villages. Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

Why do we need a neighbourhood plan?

A neighbourhood plan is not compulsory. We could rely upon the Local Plan which has been drawn up by South Northants Council but this:

  1. Would have no policies devised specifically for our communities.
  2. It would assume that development can take place on any site that SNC approve within village boundaries. The parish could comment but would have no power to challenge any approval by SNC.
  3. It would be left to SNC to decide whether to approve any proposals from developers to build outside the village confines. The parish could comment but would have no power to challenge any approval by SNC.

A Neighbourhood Plan means that the community can indicate where development goes, and have some say on what kind of development is needed. It also means that the Parish Council then has to be properly consulted on all planning applications in the area once the plan is adopted, which is not the case where a Neighbourhood Plan does not exist.

Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a set of planning policies which are stated for the area covered by a Neighbourhood Plan. In our case the plan will be for the whole parish.

Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.


Need for more Houses?

The National Planning Framework set by the Government is changing and there is a strong presumption that housing development is needed in order to meet the needs of a growing population. South Northants is one of the areas of economic growth and is within commuting range of other areas of strong growth. It seems that development to meet national as well as local demand will be encouraged by the Government.

A Neighbourhood Plan allows the locality to decide which of the areas where land owners are happy for development  to take place are the best fit for the communities. If it doesn’t do this and doesn’t provide for growth for the next three to five years all the decisions over where housing goes will come from South Northants who will rely upon developers making planning applications for areas that suit them best.

Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

The Future of Hackleton Parish

We have a mission statement which is all about what we want to see for the parish in the medium to long term. The Neighbourhood plan is intended to last well into the next decade with refinements over time and needs to look to how the Parish will be then.

Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

How do we preserve character and environment?

At present the communities in the area enjoy their position within a worked rural landscape. This is a key part of why people choose to live in the area even though access to many facilities is considerably more difficult.

We live in a world where many species once very common are in steep decline, Rabbits, Bees, and Sparrows amongst them. A challenge for the plan is how we protect hedgerows and the areas which act as a haven for wildlife.

Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

How do we retain/enhance Countryside and Natural Resources?

One key factor is maintaining the separation of the communities in order to keep their distinct characters. This is one of the areas that the plan team has started to look at. We also need to retain key green areas like the rec and all the footpaths and bridle ways.

However there are many challenges to keeping the character of the area including how we may incorporate renewable energy generation in the area as well as making our homes more carbon neutral.

Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

How does Local Employment fit in?

Working from home is an increasing trend. We already have quite a few businesses based in the communities and there will undoubtedly be more, with implications for everything from on street parking to a fast and reliable broadband service being essential.

Agriculture and country related businesses may not be large employers but they form a crucial part of managing our environment. Without active farming the area would not be the same.

Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

What Community and Recreational facilities are needed?

There are many local groups and organisations providing opportunities for different recreational activities. We are also lucky to have miles of footpaths and bridleways and to be close to Salcey Forest which is partially in the parish.

The event also showed the plans for the Multi Use Game Area (MUGA) which the Parish Council is working on which would broaden the recreation facilities available.  Comments were invited on this.

Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

What does each Council do?

A neighbourhood plan is limited in its scope. It is limited in what it can do about traffic matters which are the responsibility of the County Council for example. Although we may aspire that certain types of development take place for the public good the Parish Council has limited means to make them happen.

The lists of what each council is responsible for are interesting.

Click here see a page showing  more content on this topic.

What happens next?

A Neighbourhood Plan has to go through many steps of development and review culminating in a referendum of the people registered to vote in the parish to decide whether it should be adopted or not.

We hope that everyone takes an opportunity to get involved in reviewing what we produce and we welcome anyone who wants to get involved and join the steering group. Just fill in the contact sheet on this site and let us know you wish to be involved.

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Getting Involved

Your opinion is really important to us. We need to know a good cross section of opinions to make sure that the work we do on the plan represents the community.

Click here see a page showing  our posters below in more detail.


People who attended the event were asked if they would complete a questionnaire so that we got feedback from the community to guide our work. We have created an online version of this which you can find if you click here.  If you didn’t have a chance to attend the event or couldn’t fill out a questionnaire at the time then we urge you to complete one now to make sure that your voice is heard.


In conclusion, more than 200 people completed the questionnaire, the results of which which will be published on the website and elsewhere in due course. However, it is clear that the areas on display which were regarded as most important were Parish Character and Environment, and Our Countryside and Natural Resources. The issue of Housing attracted much attention and comment, and the proposal for a Multi Use Games Area on the Recreation Ground received 85% approval.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the exhibition and to everyone who attended, perhaps learning something more about where they live, and making both verbal and written contributions. This is an early stage in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan that will ensure a better, more sustainable and forward looking parish for us all.

Cllr Roy Hawkesford