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Consultation ends soon!

Don’t forget you have until midnight on the 28th October to make your comments about the draft Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

The plan may be found here

And the comments page is here

You may of course contact us in other ways too:

  • post the comment to Clerk to the Parish Council, 3 Quinton Green, Quinton,Northants, NN7 2EF
  • Mark it “Chair, Hackleton Parish NDP Committee”  and pop it in the letterbox at 1 Brook Court, Horton, NN7 2BL

We want to hear, and to be influenced by, comments from as many parishioners as possible to make sure the plan is supported by our community.

Consultation Starts 30th September 2019

The informal consultation on the draft Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan starts on Monday 30th September. We will post the plan and supporting policy maps on this website then. You may read the plan and make comments to us in the ways shown on the poster below.

The informal consultation will end at midnight on October 28th so make sure you make any comments that you have by then.

Steering Group informal meeting 30th July 2018

Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Informal Meeting: 30th July, 2018, 7.00, at The Spread Eagle.

Present: Roy Hawkesford (Chairman), Maz Woolley, Carol Lloyd, Tina Charteress, Tom Peterkin, Gary Youens, Jo Willmer.

The chairman explained that, as the steering group is a working group, the parish clerk would not normally be expected to attend. However, her attendance at future meetings with our consultant might be a good idea. She should be kept up-to-date with developments.

It was agreed that we should ask Michael for an updated Draft Plan.

Roy to ask Ellie (SNC) if she could send the most up-to-date list of potential sites.

It was agreed that the new version of the National Planning Framework strongly encourages the provision of additional housing and encourages Neighbourhood Planning groups to do a housing needs assessment. The Steering group agreed that some development is needed to help keep the parish sustainable and to offer the opportunity to extend recreational space.

Using the maps from the June 2nd Open Day, there followed a detailed discussion about the known potential sites and the following conclusions were reached:

  1. Horton has had a lot of infill development and scope for any further infill within village boundary is limited. No sites exist for small groups of additional houses within the confines.
  2. Some of the sites in Piddington are unsuitable due to the potential impact on existing buildings, the fact that they would be out of scale, impact on potential Roman Fort site, or that they would threaten important local views. It is considered that the traffic restriction near Chapel end where two small vehicles struggle to pass means any substantial developments would be unsuitable for the village. There are some sites, mainly smaller ones, which may be worth further consideration if Housing Need is shown.
  3. Again Hackleton has sites which are unsuitable due to environmental factors, impact on views/green space etc. In some other cases sites may be worth consideration for development provided that factors like additional recreation space for the village are taken into account
  4. Housing development in the rural areas outside village confines is not expected to form part of the Neighbourhood plan.

It was agreed that the next step is to wait for the Housing Needs Assessment to be completed by Locality and  the scale of housing required identified. Once that is known sites can be evaluated by a outside experts and they can then be considered in detail.

Maz Woolley agreed to do more work on the design statements, starting with Piddington – as a template for the other villages.

Jo Willmer agreed to contact wildlife organisations about that aspect of the Plan in general.

Tina Charteress agreed to revisit the list of buildings.

Carol Lloyd agreed to do more research into aspects of Horton relevant to the Plan.

There was some discussion afterwards about the purpose and content of the next formal meeting on August 13th.

The meeting finished at 9.30.

Roy Hawkesford
31st July 2018

Archaeology – Map of Sites

This map is based on one drawn by Roy Friendship-Taylor one of the Directors of the local museum for the Steering Group.

Key to the areas marked on the map

A – Alcot – Deserted Medieval Village (DMV)
B – Preston Deanery  – (DMV) or Shrunken Village
C – Quinton l/A – Roman
D- Quinton – Medieval Moated Manor
E – Hackleton – Roman (find of c.2,000 coins)
F – Piddington Roman Site
G – Horton – Early Manor House Site
H – Piddington – Site of Salcey Forest Railway Station
I – Preston Deanery – Deer Park Boundary
J – Piddington – The Roman Villa
K – The Roman Villa Museum (Former Wesleyan Chapel)
L – Roman Fortress of approx 50 acres (of national significance)
M – 1914-18 Rifle Butt Practice Range

Please double click map to see at a larger size.