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Chairman’s Report May 2021

There is little to report this month other than to confirm that, at the time of writing, the process of External Examination is proceeding. Alan Munn (WNC)  was in the process of finalising the contract with Examiner, Andrew Matheson, when we last spoke. Mr Matheson had stated that he expected the process to last four weeks, including any site visit he felt was necessary. My expectation would be that he will have completed the process by the time of the next Parish Council meeting, June 8th, but his report may not be available to us by then.

Any changes required to the Plan would then have to be made before the process moved on to Referendum. WNC will then organise the Referendum. Alan Munn has stated that we will be involved throughout the process; I have no reason whatsoever to doubt that, as communication between us has been excellent.

Roy Hawkesford
19th May 2021

Chairman’s Report October 2020


As reported last month our amended version of the Regulation 14 Formal Consultation document together with an enlarged biodiversity Appendix was sent to our consultant, Michael Wellock, at the end of September. His reworked draft will be sent to us shortly for proofreading.

This document, once amended according to anything we wish to correct will be sent to South Northants Council. This stage is called Regulation 16, and at this point SNC is responsible for the next stage of consultation. We are obliged to publicise the Plan and to demonstrate that we have fully complied with the requirements. Because of Covid-19, we will not have the document on display within the Parish, of course, but it will be available online. We will advertise this on our websites and in the Parish Mag. SNC will also publicise the document.

Next Meetings:

A sub-group meeting will be held roughly two weeks after our Consultant issues the Regulation 16 draft of the plan to agree any changes.

The next formal meeting will be held once the Regulation 16 document is corrected and approved for forwarding to South Northants Council. Assuming we are in agreement, the draft Plan will be returned to Michael who will forward it Alan Munn at SNC.

You will have observed that progress is slow. There are periods of frantic activity followed by periods of waiting. Given that we have until nearly the end of May to complete the process, we are not behind the clock. The final submission, if approved by the examiner, will be put to the Parish in a YES/NO Referendum for approval. Assuming the vote is in favour, SNC will formally adopt our Neighbourhood Plan as part of its Local Plan.

Roy Hawkesford (on behalf of the Steering Group)

20th October 2020

Chairman’s Report August 2020

The decision by the Government to put back consideration of Neighbourhood Plans to May next year has afforded us the opportunity to spend much more time on certain aspects of the Plan. In the last month, Maz has compiled Jo’s work on the environment and has included it in a revised and expanded Appendix, relating it to policies within the body of the Plan. This has now been sent to Michael, and it should enable him to produce the next version of the Plan. When he’s done this, Michael will send it out to the steering group to check. Following any final amendments, the Plan will then be sent to SNC for Regulation 16 Consultation.

Step 9. Publicising a plan proposal (Regulation 16) 1. As soon as possible after receiving a plan proposal that includes all of the relevant documents, the local planning authority must (a) publicise the following on their website and elsewhere as appropriate (i) details of the plan proposal
(ii) details of where and when the plan proposal can be seen
(iii) details of how to make representations (iv) a statement that representations may include a request to be notified of local planning authority’s decision under Regulation 19 below (v) deadline for receipt of representations (minimum 6 week period) (b) notify any consultation body referred to in the consultation statement that the plan proposal has been received

SNC will be responsible for the actions at this stage.

Progress has been leisurely since the deadline for final submission of Plans was put back to May next year. This has afforded us the opportunity to refine our work on the environmental aspects of the Plan.
Following an eDNA test on the pond within the Piddington Green Space, evidence of legendary Great Crested Newts was found. This discovery is perhaps no longer as significant as it might have been, given that Mr Cummings clearly wants to brush aside things that may prevent building on such sites. Nevertheless, the environmental content of our Plan is fully in line with SNC’s Local Plan, and our Plan should be in place before any disastrous changes are implemented. (Please note, there will be much opposition to the proposed changes from within parliament as well as from environmental groups, so there is no certainty that the changes will be implemented.)

Roy Hawkesford, on behalf of the Steering Group. 28th August 2020

Neighbourhood Plan Report February 2020

Report from Chairman of Steering Group

Just when we thought it was nearly all over… we learned last week that we have to carry out Reg 14 Formal Consultation, and not SNC.

We have worked hard, without exaggeration, to get the draft Plan to the point where we are happy to submit it. Having discovered what we did, we have been scurrying round to find out what’s required and to get everything ready for the start of the process, on March 6th. No mean feat! The consultation will last 8 weeks and it will be followed by amendments as required.

Basically, we have to consult with every person, body and organisation that might have an interest in the Plan. This includes all of those we contacted last October (for the Informal Draft Consultation) plus many others, such as:

  • adjoining parish councils and parishes
  • the Coal Authority
  • Natural England
  • The Environment Agency
  • Historic England
  • Network Rail
  • Telecoms providers
  • Utilities
  • Health organisations
  • Voluntary bodies
  • Faith, disability and minority groups
  • Other village groups
  • Local businesses, landowners, etc.

We are going to be busy!

We have been preparing publicity material, acquiring templates for the consultation process and, through Alison, booking the Annexe for drop-in sessions and meetings. We need to do more printing, of course, but we should remain well inside our budget for consumables.

Michael has been extremely helpful. Unfortunately, liaising with SNC is not as easy as it was. They should be able to provide us with contact details for all of the organisations listed above – because every other PC that has undertaken a Plan will have gone through the same procedure. Fingers crossed!

We are confident that our Plan is exciting and challenging, that it will be robust – and that it will serve the community well when it is finally ‘made’. We hope that the Parish Council will be proud to own it and will use it accordingly.

Do I regret calling that initial meeting way back in April 2017?  No, I don’t!

Roy Hawkesford

24th February 2020

Neighbourhood Plan Report January 2020

Maz and I had a meeting yesterday with Alan Munn (SNC Planning) in Towcester. We talked through the remaining issues that we are working on before we submit the Plan to them in the next month or so. These are the two aspects we are working on:

Non-designated Heritage Assets. We produced a list of non-listed buildings a while ago, but SNC Heritage officer, Dr Garry Campion, recommended that we beef up the case for them based on Historic England criteria. I have written to three people, who may have the kind of knowledge we lack, to meet with us. I’ve sent them the HE criteria and the pro forma we have produced in the hope that we will be able to complete the task when we meet.

The people I’ve contacted are Liz Friendship-Taylor, Maureen, and Jo Wilde.

Green spaces and wildlife corridors. This is often a contentious area, so we have been working with Michael (our consultant) to define an hierarchy of areas that will satisfy SNC and, ultimately, the examiner. At the meeting we talked through what we needed to do in order to ‘justify’ the areas and corridors we have included in the Plan. We should be able to complete this in the near future.

All in all, we hope to complete the above tasks within the next month. Michael is now working with the Mapping Officer and SNC to complete that aspect of the Plan, especially with regard to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which is otherwise complete.

So, the frustration of the prolonged Christmas + New Year break is hopeful behind us. We just need a push now to get to the next stage. Once we have sent the Plan to SNC formally, they will send it out their various departments for comment and possible amendment. That will take usually six weeks. Once the Plan has been revised, SNC will appoint an examiner who will in turn make comments and return it to SNC. After any/all amendments have been done and the Plan has been approved, it will go the final stage, the Referendum. For the Plan to be made, we just need more than 50% of those who respond to vote YES. Judging by the feedback from our consultation events, this should not present a problem.

The future, after the Plan is in place, is never going to be certain. Obviously Local Government Reorganisation will have an impact, though the Plan would have legal status unless overridden by subsequent higher level decisions – e.g. the government decides to allow developers to build wherever they like… but that would be a big vote loser for the government in rural areas! Other than that kind of eventuality, we will be significantly better placed than we would be without a Plan.

Roy Hawkesford

Chair Neighbourhood Plan Committee

23rd January 2020

Chairman’s Report to the Parish Council

Please note that this recommendation was discussed by a full Parish Council meeting on 19th November 2019 and the council has formally approved the recommendation by the Neighbourhood Plan Committee.

Report from Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

In the light of the planning permission recently granted to Larkfleet Homes to build 21 houses at Lyne Walk, and comments by South Northants Council, the Neighbourhood Plan Committee believes that the allocation of a site to build housing in the Neighbourhood Plan should be withdrawn.

I believe the case we have made is irrefutable, in the light of the changes to planning guidelines (NPPF) and the decision to approve the Lyne Walk development. Given that SNC is adamant that it has a 7.54-year land supply, they see no need for excessive development in the countryside. They were partly opposed to the Lyne Walk development on these grounds, so to double the allocation of housing in Hackleton would not be acceptable at the present time. 

We can include in the Plan the possibility of allocating a site in the future, subject to need and in accordance with a subsequent housing needs survey conducted in conjunction with the Housing Officer. This could be reviewed when the Plan comes up for review in three years’ time.

Following comments, in particular from SNC, we are making some amendments to the Draft Plan, but most of these are to do with clarification and providing further evidence; they are not things that necessarily require the approval of the Council at this time. I have requested a meeting with Jennie Johnson at SNC to talk through these amendments and the nature of the extra evidence required.

I should point out that SNC, in their response, seemed impressed with the Draft Plan: “The Council appreciates the amount of work that the Neighbourhood Plan Group have put into the draft Neighbourhood Plan, and just has the following comments in order to ensure consistency with national and local policy.”  Those comments are not insurmountable and, by removing the site, the task for the steering group is made much simpler.

While Housing/Oak Way was inevitably the main focus for most who attended the two consultation events in the Village Hall Annexe, the overwhelming response was favourable to the Plan as a whole. The only appropriate negative comments received were in respect of the allocated site, which was only to be expected.

Finally, we will continue with our work on the draft Plan once Parish Council approval for the site to be withdrawn has been given.

Roy Hawkesford

Chairman Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Committee.

Chairman’s Report to the Parish Council – October 2019

Hackleton Neighbourhood Development Plan

Steering Group Chairman’s Report

The first session of the Informal Consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan took place on Saturday, 5th October, 10.00 until 4.00, in the Annexe of the Village Hall. More than 60 people attended, looked at the presentation and discussed the content with members of the steering group.

Obviously, much of the attention was focussed on our policies and the choice of Oak Way as our preferred site. As far as I’m aware, there were no negative comments, and there was general surprise at the detail and range of the Plan – and appreciation of the amount of work that had gone into it. A summary of the written comments will follow shortly.

The second public session will take place on the 16th at 6.30, following which the steering group will make amendments and our consultant will produce the next Draft for formal consultation, under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. This will take about six weeks and may result in further amendments being made and the production of another Draft which will be submitted to SNC, under Regulation 16.

Following that, the Plan will subject to an independent examination by a jointly appointed Examiner, to consider if the Plan meets the basic conditions. This will lead to further amendments, following which the Plan will be the subject of a Referendum. A straight majority vote (50% of turnout +1) of those on the Electoral Register will be required before SNC “make” the Plan. It will then be used to help determine planning decisions in our neighbourhood are, alongside SNC and National Planning Polices.

From that point on, the Parish Council will take ownership of the Plan and act accordingly. It may be that a presentation is made to the Council by the steering group about how the Plan should inform their decision-making.

It will be clear from the timeline outlined above that the process will take a few months yet to complete, though the Plan will have some weight once formal consultation begins. The steering group will continue its work until the Plan is finally made.

The Council may wish to call upon the services of the steering group when the Plan is due for review, which is currently after three years. The Clerk will keep all associated documents in the meantime.

Roy Hawkesford

6th October 2019.

Chairman’s Report to Parish Council – September 2019

This last month has seen a huge leap forward in the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Steering Group and our consultant, Michael Wellock, have been working hard to produce successive draft plans to include everything we wanted to include and to refine the content taking on board his comments and advice.

As a result, and following last night’s Steering Group meeting, we will be sending our remaining amendments to Michael today, which will result, hopefully, in the following timetable.

16th September   All of our amendments and comments to be sent to Michael.

23rd September   Michael send his final draft to us.

27th September  The Steering Group signs off the final draft / sends any final comments.

30th September  Draft Plan posted on our websites inviting comments.

5th October         Launch event at the Village Hall (Annexe, if available)

16th October       Second Launch Event, in the evening.

28th October       Close of Consultation.

During this time Michael will finalise and consult on the Strategic Environmental Assessment.

November          Publish first formal consultation draft – Regulation 14 Plan.

As a result of the above process the Draft Plan would be revised as required. It will go to SNC for formal consultation, for about six weeks, following which it will go to Examination and subsequently to a Referendum. Assuming the Plan receives more than 50% approval, it will be ‘made’.

So, there is still a way to go, but it will be clear that most of our work has been done – apart from making changes, etc, as necessary, as it goes through the stages. Nevertheless, the Steering Group members are able to breathe a temporary sigh of relief. We now feel happy with the way the Plan reads… With all the supporting evidence and paragraphs, the document will run to about 100 pages!

Chairman’s Report to Parish Council July 2019

Neighbourhood Plan – Update, July 2019

Work on the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) has been progressing at a more rapid pace recently, with the steering group members working to specific targets set by consultant, Michael Wellock. Much of this work is very detailed, gathering and evaluating information and photographs to inform Policies and to provide evidence for the appendices. Meanwhile the consultant is busy turning our work into the substance of the Plan itself.

An example of the work that the steering group has been undertaking is in the assessment of every property in the three villages – some 720 in all – in terms of history, architecture, materials, environment, landscape features; also the types of housing in each village, the way the villages have evolved and what kind of features and characteristics should inform a Policy on Design. This is not the simplest of tasks, as our villages are not typical of bijou or boutique single style villages. Our villages have evolved in a functional way, with housing taking place in the form of small housing estates, council housing as well as infill and small clusters of generically similar buildings. In short, we have many styles – some fine Grade II listed buildings and some handsome modern buildings.

Our analysis has revealed many differences – as well as similarities – between the villages, and these have been captured in maps, charts and photographic evidence. This has been one aspect of our work, but a significant one, in that our derived polices on Design will determine the nature of any future developments in the parish.

We have also being doing research into environmental aspects of the parish, including biodiversity, archaeology, important aspects of landscape, green spaces, village separation, wildlife and features such as ridge-and-furrow fields – as well as significant non-listed buildings and features.

You may be wondering why no mention has been made of Preston Deanery and Wootton St George’s Fields. This is because Preston Deanery is described as a ‘hamlet’ and lies in ‘open countryside’; as such it is protected by South Northants Council Local Plan Part 2 policies. Wootton St George’s Fields, while part of Hackleton Parish, comes under the Northampton Related Development Area (NRDA) and is not included in our Plan. (This situation will change, of course, when SNC and Northampton Borough Council become a Unitary Council, with Daventry District Council.)

I would like to point out that the steering group – and the Parish Council as a whole – is very much committed to the well being of all people in the parish, and the Plan will reflect this. We hope that the delivery of the new Parish Mag to every household in the parish is a demonstration of that commitment.

We hope to produce a draft plan for consultation in the near future, more than three years after the decision to embark on the Plan.

Roy Hawkesford

Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group