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Regulation 16 Plan version now being reviewed

Our Consultant has now returned the latest version of the plan updated and expanded after our Regulation 14 consultation.

The team are now spending time reviewing the plan and trying to make sure that it reflects changes which have happened since the R14 version was written like the start of work at Hardingstone on new housing. We are also trying to make sure that it is very clear before it is passed to SNC for the official comments.

In addition to the plan there are two more documents that have to be submitted to accompany it. These are written by the Consultant and are technical planning documents but we we still have to check that they are correct!

We are still waiting for some supporting policy maps to check but these are likely to be with us soon.

We hope to get the review completed, and the paperwork updated by our Consultant as soon as possible, with an aim of getting it to SNC before the end of 2020.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Neighbourhood Plan Team

Regulation 14 Consultation Complete

The Regulation 14 consultation on the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan is now complete and the Neighbourhood Plan team will now analyse the representations made and carry out any changes to the plan needed. The next step will be to pass the amended plan over to South Northants Council (SNC) and for it to go forward into the formal approval phases which will ultimately lead to review by a Planning Inspector and a local referendum on whether it should be approved.

Following planning guidance issued by the Government following the Coronavirus regulations no Local Plan referendums will be held until May 2021. However in the meantime our plan must pass detailed scrutiny by planners and public bodies, as well as gaining approval from a Government Appointed Planning Inspector.

Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Team

Drop-in Sessions Cancelled

Having reviewed the Government’s latest advice we have decided that we have to cancel the drop-in sessions planned during the Regulation 14 consultation period.

If there is anyone who cannot review and comment online, or by visiting one of the locations that the plan is on display, then they should contact the Parish Clerk, contact details here, and we will try to make an arrangement for them to see the plan.

We apologise for any inconvenience but the circumstances are exceptional.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening

One of the things that the Neighbourhood plan team has to produce is an assessment as to whether the impact of our plan on the Environment is likely to need a formal detailed strategic environmental assessment (SEA). Our impact assessment has been completed by our consultant and Natural England, the government’s adviser for the natural environment in England, have responded today (11/03/2020) saying:

Natural England considers that, based on the material supplied with the consultation, in so far as our strategic environmental interests are concerned, significant environmental effects resulting from the neighbourhood plan are unlikely. We therefore agree with the conclusion of the SEA screening report that a Strategic Environmental Assessment would not be required.”

This is excellent as a formal screening assessment would need additional time, effort and cost to create. It is good news that a body as important as Natural England agrees we do not need to complete one.

Plan now available To Review

The latest version of the Neighbourhood Plan, and supporting documents is now available to view on our website For those who prefer to read a paper copy it may be examined at Wootton and Towcester Libraries, in Hackleton Stores, and in the White Hart and Spread Eagle.

We will be holding three drop-in sessions over the consultation period at Hackleton Village Hall Annexe where you may read the plan and make representations:

  • Saturday March 28th                       11am to 2pm,
  • Thursday 2nd April                            11am to 2pm, and 
  • Wednesday 22nd April                   7pm to 9pm.

If you wish to make a formal representation about the plan then the easiest way is to complete a representation form online. Paper forms may be obtained from the locations where the plan is available to be read or from the Parish Clerk. All representations must be received by the clerk by April 24th 2020.

Once this formal consultation is complete we will be one step nearer passing the document to SNC to manage the final stages of its progress.

Regulation 14 Consultation Period Starts

Following your feedback from our Informal Consultation, in October 2019, and further work undertaken as a result, we are now moving on to Formal Consultation, also known as ‘Regulation 14 consultation’.

In accordance with this legal process, you will find our updated draft Neighbourhood Plan here. with its supporting documents. You may read it and make any formal responses before it is passed to South Northants Council (SNC) to proceed with the later steps in the adoption process.

Consultation lasts from 6th March to April 24th 2020. Copies of the Plan, supporting policy maps, and the Regulation 14 Representation Forms are available for reading and downloading on this site. They will also be made available at Wootton and Towcester Libraries, The White Hart, The Spread Eagle, and Hackleton Stores. You may also make any representations online on this website here.

We will be holding three drop in sessions in Hackleton Village Hall Annexe where copies of the Plan can be read and representation forms will be available to complete. Steering group members will be present to answer any questions about the plan. The dates and times for these events are:

■ Saturday 28th March from 11am to 2pm
■ Thursday 2nd April from 11am to 2pm
■ Wednesday 22nd April 7pm to 9pm

Seasons Greetings

The members of the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Working Party would like to thank all our web site readers and email followers for their interest in the plan during 2019. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Our work will reach a climax in 2020 with the final submission of the plan and the local referendum. We hope that we will continue to enjoy your support as we enter the final phases of making our plan.

Post Consultation Activities

The consultation on the draft plan has now ended and we met on November 1st to review the comments we received from South Northants Council, interested parties, and the community .

SNC approval of planning permission for 21 homes at the top of Lyne Walk on 31st October has obviously had to be taken into account in our deliberations of exactly what the Final Plan should look like.

We have taken all the comments we have received very seriously. In some cases your comments are on matters outside the scope of the plan but we intend to pass those over to those bodies who they concern, be it NCC, SNC or the Parish Council.

We have reviewed the plan in the light of comments and feel some changes are needed. We will now make recommendations to the Parish Council. We will also need to consult SNC further to fully understand their comments and ensure that the plan is clearer in the areas that they question.

Once we have addressed everyone’s comments and made the changes we feel are needed the final plan will go for official consultation and Planning Inspection.

Although the official consultation period is over you may always let the team know what you think at any time by adding a comment to this website.