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Seasons Greetings

The members of the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Working Party would like to thank all our web site readers and email followers for their interest in the plan during 2019. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Our work will reach a climax in 2020 with the final submission of the plan and the local referendum. We hope that we will continue to enjoy your support as we enter the final phases of making our plan.

Post Consultation Activities

The consultation on the draft plan has now ended and we met on November 1st to review the comments we received from South Northants Council, interested parties, and the community .

SNC approval of planning permission for 21 homes at the top of Lyne Walk on 31st October has obviously had to be taken into account in our deliberations of exactly what the Final Plan should look like.

We have taken all the comments we have received very seriously. In some cases your comments are on matters outside the scope of the plan but we intend to pass those over to those bodies who they concern, be it NCC, SNC or the Parish Council.

We have reviewed the plan in the light of comments and feel some changes are needed. We will now make recommendations to the Parish Council. We will also need to consult SNC further to fully understand their comments and ensure that the plan is clearer in the areas that they question.

Once we have addressed everyone’s comments and made the changes we feel are needed the final plan will go for official consultation and Planning Inspection.

Although the official consultation period is over you may always let the team know what you think at any time by adding a comment to this website.

Last CAll!

Thanks to those of you who have commented on this draft plan.

Don’t forget you only have until midnight on the 28th October to make your comments about the draft Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

The plan may be found here

And the comments page is here

You may of course contact us in other ways too:

  • post the comment to Clerk to the Parish Council, 3 Quinton Green, Quinton,Northants, NN7 2EF
  • Mark it “Chair, Hackleton Parish NDP Committee”  and pop it in the letterbox at 1 Brook Court, Horton, NN7 2BL

We really do want to hear what you think about the plan!

Consultation ends soon!

Don’t forget you have until midnight on the 28th October to make your comments about the draft Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

The plan may be found here

And the comments page is here

You may of course contact us in other ways too:

  • post the comment to Clerk to the Parish Council, 3 Quinton Green, Quinton,Northants, NN7 2EF
  • Mark it “Chair, Hackleton Parish NDP Committee”  and pop it in the letterbox at 1 Brook Court, Horton, NN7 2BL

We want to hear, and to be influenced by, comments from as many parishioners as possible to make sure the plan is supported by our community.

Consultation closes on 28th October

If you missed our consultation sessions at the Hackleton Village Hall it does not mean that you cannot read the plan and comment. If you visit the web site you will find the plan here.

To comment use the comment form on the web site or email the clerk at You may also:

  • post the comment to Clerk to the Parish Council, 3 Quinton Green, Quinton,Northants, NN7 2EF
  • pop it in the letterbox marked “Chair, Hackleton Parish NDP Committee” at 1 Brook Court, Horton, NN7 2BL

Consultation closes at midnight on 28th October after which the Committee will analyse all the comments and adjust the draft plan to take into account appropriate comments and suggestions. The plan will then go on to its next steps which will be the formal consultation by SNC with planners in SNC and County and other public bodies. Once that is complete and any adjustments made then it will be presented to a planning inspector to ratify. Once that is done a referendum is held in the Parish to approve or reject the plan.

Reminder – Last Consultation Event

Just a quick reminder that the last informal consultation event on will take place on Wednesday 16th in the Hackleton Village Hall Annexe starting at 6:30pm. We look forward to seeing visitors and explaining the draft plan.

Of course you may also read the draft plan and the associated policy plans here on this web site and contact us via this web site or as shown on the consultation poster below.

First Consultation Session NOW HELD

We had the first consultation event on Saturday 5th October and were very pleased with the number of people who attended and with the feedback we received. The comments collected will all be analysed and we have already identified one or two areas where we need to do some ‘fine tuning’ before the final version is released for approval by interested organisations and Planning Inspector’s approval.

So thanks to all who attended for their questions and comments which we will be carefully looking at. The photograph below shows the event underway.

Don’t forget that there is another event on the 16th October in the evening so please come along if you want to ask us questions about the plan or make any comments.

Of course the plan is available on this site if you would prefer to read it online. It can be found here. Comments may be made as set out on the card shown below.

Informal Consultation starts now – Here is the draft plan

Welcome to the ‘Informal’ consultation on the Hackleton Neighbourhood Development Plan.

This is a significant stage in the process; it is the culmination of two years work by the Steering Group, which has involved extensive consultation with South Northants Council, the local community and our advisor, Michael Wellock (Kirkwells).

Following a public meeting in April 2017 to outline the threat to the parish from speculative developers, a Neighbourhood Area was approved and a steering group was formed with the intention of producing a Plan. Initial work was undertaken to describe the character of the parish and to set out the way in which it might develop for the benefit of the community.

Following a highly successful Open Day in June 2018, feedback from the public was analysed and incorporated into the next stage of the Plan. What followed was a very intensive year of gathering information, research into all aspects of the parish and consultation with external bodies and our consultant. Our objective throughout has been to preserve the essential character of the parish and to provide a vision for its future.

The result of this work is here before you. We hope you like it and we would like to know what think. Your opinions matter to us.

Following this consultation, amendments may be made to the Draft Plan before it proceeds to a more formal stage of assessment. The final stage of the process is to present the Plan to you, the people, in the form of a referendum.

Roy Hawkesford 

Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Informal Consultation

Policy Maps to be read with the plan.

Informal Consultation Period Begins Soon

Exciting News!

A lot of progress has been made since the Neighbourhood Plan Committee last updated you!

We can now tell you about the Informal Consultation Process for the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan – it will begin at the end of September 2019.  Here are the key dates:

28th Sept         Consultation pre-view at the Community Event in the Hackleton Parish Village Hall.

30th Sept         Draft Plan available on and

5th Oct            Consultation Launch Event: 10am-4pm – Annexe, Hackleton Parish Village Hall.

16th Oct          Consultation Event: 6.30pm-9pm – Annexe, Hackleton Parish Village Hall.

28th Oct          Consultation closes.

Please come along to one the events being held, or take a look on-line.  It’s really important that the Parish community stays involved with the Neighbourhood Plan.  Once the Plan is made it passes into law and puts us in the driving seat of development in the Parish – in terms of housing, the environment and well-being.

We are very excited to have got to this stage and we really want you to have your say!

You may comment in the following ways:


The Clerk to the Parish Council, 3 Quinton Green, Quinton, Northants, NN7 2EF

By Hand:

Chairman, Hackleton Parish Council, 1 Brook Court, Horton, Northants, NN7 2BL


Thank-you for your ongoing support – it is much appreciated and we look forward to seeing you during the Consultation!

Once we’ve received your comments the Draft Plan will be amended as necessary and go to SNC for a 6 week formal consultation.  After that the Plan will be formally Examined before we ask for your support once to Vote to accept the Plan.

You may still Register to receive updates straight to your inbox as the Consultation process progresses.