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Meeting 5/3/2018

Hackleton Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan

Meeting: 5th March 2018
Present: Roy Hawkesford and Maz Woolley

Maz contacted me to arrange a meeting in which we could explore issues arising from the Steering Group meeting with Michael Wellock last week. We were in agreement that we needed greater clarity and focus. Subsequently, he sent me a (very helpful!) document to form the basis of our discussion. We agreed that we would circulate the fruits of our deliberation to the group and hope to come up with concrete ideas for the meeting on the 19th.

There were several items on the list, all of which we discussed, but the overriding concern was what will we present to the community and how will we do it. Unless we have at least considered all aspects of what the NP can (and can’t) achieve, we would feel inadequately prepared.

Maz’s list consisted of the following headings:

What is the end plan to look like?  (Will it reflect our local view? How do our tasks fit into it?)

Traffic  (How it will impact on planning applications, parking, etc.)

Wildlife corridor  (We need someone with appropriate knowledge to do this on a map)

Preservation  (How do the non-listed buildings fit in? Why are they relevant to us?)

Views and groupings  (What photographic evidence do we need – and who will do this?)

Village separation and green wedges  (On-going, important work, but we need to agree wedges and green spaces and put them on a map.)

Additional housing units  (What kind of housing? Within village confines? If so, where? Need for a survey?)

Agriculture and associated use development  (As we are a very rural parish, should we make more of this in the plan?)

Tightening Up  (We have a need to define what is to be delivered, who will do it, and by when. To be clear and recorded in notes from the meetings.)

Explaining what a plan can do to the public and getting Feedback (See below)

Communication with the community

We have to take a step back from where we, the steering group, are  in order to seek the views, opinions and needs of people in the parish before firming up our thoughts. We don’t want it to appear like a done deal; at the same time we don’t want to come across as having no ideas!

So, what do we need to do? Clearly this is the purpose of the meeting on the 19th,  but it will help if we have something to develop.

  1. We will communicate in three ways: through a leaflet, at public gatherings and through the website (social media).
  2. We have to agree the content of the leaflet such that it will get people to come to the meeting, provide information and invite responses.
  3. This will include What is a Neighbourhood Plan and why do we need one? It will contain a summary of the public responses to the questionnaire sent out in 2011 as part of the Local Plan. It will ask if those findings are still ok or if they need updating. We will mention areas that the NP will cover – housing needs, the environment, etc. (We can base this on the policy areas of the NP itself). It will state when and where the public will be able to attend the presentations and have their say.
  4. This will require professional lay-out and printing
  5. Distribution
  6. We also have to consider the public presentations – what we will present and how we will do it? We presume there will be maps showing the parish boundary, village confines, possible wedges and green/open spaces, a wildlife corridor. What we won’t put on a map are sites for new housing – the reason being that, at this stage, we do not know what the demand is. Photographs of views and styles of building, etc. A computer linked to a screen for slide presentation, etc.
  7. At the meetings we should capture responses in an orderly way and ask for help in areas where we do not currently have sufficient expertise, such as wildlife and conservation. (We have had the experience of having had a small-scale presentation at the Horton Cricket Club, which will help.)
  8. Tasks to achieve all of the above will be set, at the meeting on the 19th
  9. Dates and locations for the public meetings will have to be arranged before we can complete the leaflet.

Please get back to me ( if I’ve missed anything out.

I will try to put material together for the leaflet and circulate it before the meeting. This will not be the definitive job, but literally a collection of documents already produced – for instance, my initial presentation last Easter. I will also try to summarise what was produced for the Local Plan in 2011.

Finally, Maz and I are aware that we probably have more time to devote to this than most of you, but that should not in any way exclude you. On the contrary, if you feel you have the time to meet up with me and/or Maz before the 19th, just let me know.

Roy Hawkesford
5th March 2018

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Why have a Neighbourhood plan?




The Localism Act of 2011 meant that power to make decisions on housing would be devolved so that local communities have a say in their own future.

This meant that Parish Councils (and even smaller groups, in theory) could shape the way they saw their community developing, by conserving the best of what they have and looking forward to the needs of future generations.

The most effective form of devolution is the Neighbourhood Plan. This gives a Parish Council status in law and places it as a partner with its District Council and the government in making decisions about the important issue of housing.

Housing needs are a key feature of Neighbourhood Plans: what kind of homes and how many of them are needed to sustain the community and provide opportunities for young people and the elderly alike.

In consultation with the District Council, the Parish Council can also say where the new homes will be. This can be contentious, but there is no disputing the need for affordable homes in parishes like ours.
Developers and speculators are not as keen to build affordable homes as they are luxury houses. The legal force of a Neighbourhood Plan will give us strength in the challenges that lie ahead.

The infrastructure is also a key part of a Neighbourhood Plan: roads and transport, amenities, heritage and conservation, leisure, recreation and wellbeing, and so on. All will be considered in the formation of the Plan.

Four years ago, this parish did a lot of work for inclusion in South Northants Council’s Local Plan. The data that was produced by us still forms the basis of the data on Hackleton Parish in the Draft Local Plan 2(a). If you would like to view this, send an email to Roy Hawkesford,, and he will send you the links.

A decision was taken at the time not to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan which, in many ways, was an opportunity missed, as it would probably have been in place by now.
Nevertheless the Parish Council started the process in April and we now have status as a designated Neighbourhood Area. This area covers the entire parish council boundary and includes Hackleton, Piddington, Horton, Preston Deanery and St George’s Fields (aka, Woootton Fields).

SNC has already agreed to a further 525 houses on Hampton Green (the fictitious golf course, opposite St George’s Fields), of which 300 will be in our parish. The housing that borders on Wootton, therefore, will form a significant part of our Parish.

Roy is chairing the Steering Group that has been established, with members of the Parish Council and the community, from all parts of the parish. We have appointed a very experienced
consultant, Michael Wellock, to drive the process of formulating the Plan. He will help us through what will be a lengthy and demanding process, around two years – if all goes well. SNC have just appointed a very experienced Neighbourhood Planning Officer who will also be supporting and informing the work of the Steering Group.

There will be ample opportunities for you and all parishioners to be involved in the process and to have your voices heard. At the end of the process there will be a referendum. If we get more than
50% in favour, of all of those who voted, the Plan is deemed to be ‘made’.

There will be some contentious issues, mainly around housing – how many, what type, and where will they be built. The parish council is not regressive; it recognises the need for more, appropriate
homes, to keep the villages alive. Sustainability is the key word nowadays, but we wish to conserve the character of our villages, the
landscape, our heritage and history, while at the same time providing opportunities for the young to grow and live here.

We are blessed with a wonderful environment in Hackleton Parish. The Neighbourhood Plan will provide the best means for us, the people who live here, to keep it so, for ourselves and for future

Roy Hawkesford,
Chairman, Hackleton Parish Council
15th November 2017

Steering Group Meeting 8/11/2017

Hackleton Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting (NPSG)

8th November 2017


Present: Chairman Mr Roy Hawkesford, C Lloyd, G Youens, Cllr T Charteress, Cllr T Peterkin, Cllr F Billingham, R Evans, C Woods, M Woolley and the Clerk, Ms A Palmberg

Since the last meeting which Michael Wellock attended, a list of tasks had been distributed to all the members of the NPSG.
The Chairman asked the group to provide suggestions of aspects of the parish they would wish to be considered in the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) as follows:
 How to improve means of travel within and outside of the parish in order to facilitate access
It was agreed that MW would create a list of present facilities
 A list of amenities and community assets which were considered were as follows:
. Green field area in Wootton Fields
. Brafield Race track
. Allotments
. Business garages (Station Farm, Horton)
– RE said that pubs and restaurants can also be designated as community assets
 Local Green Spaces such as the Pocket Park need to be identified in order to protect them. Privately owned land can also be designated as open spaces.
– RE encouraged the group to consider the function and purpose of an open space
 Presently there are no conservation areas in Hackleton and Piddington but designation could potentially be sought through South Northants Council

The group task list was allocated as follows:
Transport and Infrastructure
Maz Woolley and Tom Peterkin
Cheryl Woods and Anna Palmberg
National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
Cheryl Woods and Anna Palmberg
Fran Billingham and Tina Charteress
Vision Statement/overall aim
Carol Lloyd and Roy Hawkesford

The next NPSG meeting will take place on Tuesday 28th November at 7:30pm in the Annexe of Hackleton Village Hall

Steering Group Meeting 21/9/2017



Meeting date: Thursday 21 September 2017

Present: Cllrs Hawkesford, Charteress, Peterkin & Nash
Apologies: Cllr Billingham and the Clerk, Anna Palmberg

Following our last meeting held on August 22, it was agreed that Tom would contact Michael Wellock, the recommended consultant for the Neighbourhood Plan, to identify what dates in October he is available to meet with the Steering Group’s members. It was agreed that this meeting should not be held until after the parishioners’ Neighbourhood Plan meeting scheduled for October 9th. It was also agreed that October 18th was not convenient.

Following our last Steering Group meeting, we have held meetings with Parish Council representatives from Earls Barton and Kislingbury, who have both been successful in producing their respective Neighbourhood Plans. Their most helpful comments have been taken onboard.

The format/agenda for the forthcoming October 9th meeting, to be held at the Horton Cricket ground, was discussed and the following subjects were agreed.

1. To give a short presentation to those attending parishioners, in order to bring them up to date with what the Parish Council members on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have been discussing.
2. To inform the parishioners that we will be required to accept that future developments, approximately 40 – 60 will be required by 2029. In our opinion, the provision should include at least 50% affordable houses.
3. To identify how many parishioners will be prepared to offer their services for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

To set up a Hackleton Parish Council Facebook page and Twitter account, in order to maximise communicating through these social media facilities. It was agreed that this task will be undertaken by the chairman and the clerk.

It was agreed that as a result of printing capacity issues, with regard to “The Forum” magazine, a separate branded news sheet is required. As this will involve additional costs, this proposal will be required to be included on the next Parish Council meeting agenda, scheduled for October 3rd 2017. Tina agreed to investigate all associated costs.

It was also agreed that the use of A1 Poster Boards was required.
NB. Confirmation will be required to identify that those Parish Councillors who have already volunteered to personally deliver Local Plan 2A leaflets, will also be prepared to deliver this news sheet.

Next meeting: Tuesday 9 October 2017

Steering Group Meeting 9/10/2017 (Feedback Notes)



Horton Cricket Club – 9th October 2017

Present: Chairman Mr Roy Hawkesford, The steering group, 34 parishioners

Suggestions for the Neighbourhood Plan:

Housing Mix:
 Two bed accommodation
 Accommodation for the elderly and disabled
 Accommodation for young families
 Starter homes
 Affordable housing
 Sheltered accommodation (a preference for local volunteers to be able to assist)
 Maintenance/ Traffic control (impact of pollution/volume)
 Improved local transport
 Cycle paths between villages
 Off-road parking facilities

 Nursing Homes
 Surgeries
 Post office/Shops/pubs
 Improved Nursery, Local primary and secondary schools (Caroline Chisholm)
 Voluntary clubs and organisations e.g. Youth club – better funding (young people’s needs)

 Protecting Green Spaces
 “Green verges” within new developments
 Maintain rural character/preserve heritage
 Historic sites

 Superfast Broadband

 Increased & improved local employment to help reduce commuting

Steering Group Meeting 9/10/2017 (Presentation)




Welcome > bar and toilets
Who I am.
Presentation > Q & A
Group activity > feedback from groups
The work of the Steering Group

Parish Council members: Lynn Nash, Tina Charteress, Tom Peterkin,
Fran Billingham; and Parish Clerk, Anna Palmberg.

Update, provide information answer questions
Receive feedback from the community
Recruit members of the community to the Steering Group

Localism Act 2011 > devolution of powers to Local and Parish Councils
SNC Local Plan 2(a) – consultation on draft, until November 9th
Government demand for house building > making it easier for developers >
putting pressure on local councils, like SNC
N.B. Local Plan 2(a) Options 1 & 2 have been withdrawn…
Three extracts from SNC draft plan:
Policy Housing 2: New Housing In The Countryside;
NRDA Issue: building only adjacent to an NRDA in the countryside
(NRDA = Northampton Related Development Areas)
LOAN (Locally Objectively Assessed Need) > making it easier to
Accelerate growth
Government can overrule Local/District Councils!
A Neighbourhood Plan is the most effective way of determining our own
Future – but we cannot say “no” to housing and we cannot plan to build
Fewer houses than SNC determines; but we do have a say in where
they will be built.
We can negotiate with SNC on the kind of housing we want to build, but
We have to follow the guideline of 50% affordable (25% market, 25%
Housing association).
N.B. The location of the houses is often a cause of friction and can have
A significant effect on the outcome of the Referendum.
Finally, the N.P. is not just about housing: it’s also about the people,
the environment, heritage, facilities and opportunities >
Communication with everyone who has a stake in the future of the
Parish: the public, businesses, landowners, developers, community
Groups, environmentalists, people with disabilities, and so on.
When we make the Plan we have to demonstrate that we have talked to
and listened to these groups.COMMUNICATION and EVIDENCE are central to the Plan.
How many houses are we talking about? The number may rise, but
between 30 and 56, depending on the formula employed by SNC
N.B. Hackleton Parish is large and diverse, with 5 main areas of dwelling.
Most Plans are much smaller in scale. > The communication issue is
significant for us… remember the Referendum!

We called a meeting in April to outline the need for a NP and get support.
The Parish Council made a decision to go ahead with the Plan in May.
We put in an application to SNC for a Neighbourhood Area – the same as
the Parish boundary.
SNC Planning approved the application in July; we were urged to proceed.
Full Council at SNC to approve it on 18th October.
A PC Steering Group was established to discuss procedure >
Terms of Reference were agreed at the Parish Council, enabling HPC SG
to undertake work and make decisions – though finance would have to
be agreed by the PC.
Following four meetings with other local councils that had successfully
completed Plans, the Parish Council agreed to hire a consultant,
Michael Wellock, who has worked on other Plans in SNC, at Roade,
Harpole, Weedon and Ashton.
Anticipated timescale is about 2 to 3 years and may cost around £20k,
for which grants are available to offset the cost of the consultant.

We hope to have an enlarged Steering Group in place, c. 5 people.
We will have feedback from you.
We get SNC approval on 18th Oct – whichwill afford us some status!
The Steering Group meets with Michael Wellock on October 26th, 7.00.
We start the task of communicating with the whole parish on the issues,
Including the arrangement of an open meeting for all in late Nov /
Early December.

Your views, obviously.
Regarding the Steering Group:
People who can commit time to the work
Skills that we don’t have and which will be essential
Enthusiasm and a positive approach.
If you would like to put yourself forward or find out more, remain behind
after the Group Activity and feedback.

NPPF = National Planning Policy Framework
NRDA = Northampton Related Development Area
SUE = Sustainable Urban Extension

Invitation to a Neighbourhood Plan Meeting 9/10/2017

Hackleton Parish Council

Neighbourhood Plan Meeting


Horton Cricket Club ,9th October at 7.30

You may be aware from our website and from emails I have sent to you over the past few months that a lot has been happening regarding the Neighbourhood Plan. The purpose of this meeting is threefold:

 to bring you up to date and to explain what will happen next;
 to seek your views on the process and what you want to get out of it; and
 to ask for volunteers from the community who would like to join the steering group to work on the Plan.

At present, the steering group consists of five members of the Parish Council. In order to achieve the goal of making the Plan, however, we have to have wider public involvement. If, for example, you have specific skills in media, communications or design, or a background in planning, the environment or market research, you may wish to offer your services. If you have none of these skills or background, but you are really keen to be involved, you will be equally welcome. It may be that you wish to be informed and have a say in what’s happening, but have no time to commit yourself to the work of the group. You are equally welcome to attend. The whole process is about communication – getting the views of the community on the future of the parish. It is also about getting the evidence to support our collective vision of the parish in twenty years time. We hope to see you – and hear your views – at the meeting on 9th October.

Roy Hawkesford
Chairman, Hackleton Parish Council