How to see the Planning Examiner’s Report on our Neighbourhood Plan

The Examiner’s report is now available to read on the West Northamptonshire (South) Planning team’s planning portal (September 2021). Just follow the link shown below. You will find the final version of the report together with some of the discussion documents created after the draft report was submitted.

The Examiner has made many suggestions for change and these have generally been seen by the team as positive. Our Consultant is now working on creating the final version of the plan incorporating all the Exmainer’s suggestions.

The Examination is finished – Just waiting for the results!

The Examiner has now submitted his completed examination to West Northamptonshire Council (WNC). He has made a considerable number of recommendations for changes to be made to the plan submitted to him to ensure that it is consistent with national planning policy, and the higher level plans it must conform to like the Local Plan and West Northants Strategic plans. The Examiner has also made a number of constructive suggestions that will make the plan clearer and better suited to be used for planning purposes.

Once appropriate WNC will be posting the Examiner’s report on their planning portal and when we know that the documentation is there we will provide links from this website.

We now need to work with our Consultant to get the plan amended as recommended by the Examiner, and passed to WNC Planning Team. The WNC Planning Committee will then need to consider the final amended plan, the examiner’s recommendations, and the recommendations of their own Planners. Should they decide that all is in order they will allow their staff to organise a referendum within the Parish to decide if local residents are happy for the plan to be put in place.

Once we know when the referendum will take place we will be looking to offer opportunities to inspect the plan and ask any questions that they may have.