Chairman’s Report May 2021

There is little to report this month other than to confirm that, at the time of writing, the process of External Examination is proceeding. Alan Munn (WNC)  was in the process of finalising the contract with Examiner, Andrew Matheson, when we last spoke. Mr Matheson had stated that he expected the process to last four weeks, including any site visit he felt was necessary. My expectation would be that he will have completed the process by the time of the next Parish Council meeting, June 8th, but his report may not be available to us by then.

Any changes required to the Plan would then have to be made before the process moved on to Referendum. WNC will then organise the Referendum. Alan Munn has stated that we will be involved throughout the process; I have no reason whatsoever to doubt that, as communication between us has been excellent.

Roy Hawkesford
19th May 2021