Chairman’s Report January 2021


January 2021

Following a hiatus since the last report, owing to the illness of our consultant, Michael Wellock, there was considerable activity in early December. Michael produced a draft of the Plan that included our amendments to the Appendix on biodiversity, a significant pillar of the Plan. The steering group then scrutinised the whole document for inaccuracies and clarification, but did not add new material relating to Policies that had already been agreed and which had been subjected to informal consultation, Regulation 14

Following a Zoom meeting to agree the changes we wished to make, our work was sent to Michael on December 15th and the amended Plan was returned to us on January 6th. The documents that comprise the Plan will duly be sent to SNC through the Clerk to the Parish Council. Once SNC receives it, it forms part of their Local Plan Part 2 and becomes their responsibility.

SNC will then check the document and, following any amendments they feel are required, forward it to the various external agencies. This is Regulation 16 (formal) Consultation. This process can last up to eight weeks. It precedes submission to the Examiner and, following that, the Referendum.

The Steering Group will be on standby throughout, though not directly involved until the Referendum which will involve some kind of presentation to encourage people to vote (positively) in favour of the Plan.

It has taken nearly four years and a lot of work to get to this stage in the process. As you will see from the previous paragraph, there is still work to be done in order to achieve our aim of getting the Plan to the final stages by May.

It has been a steep learning curve for the steering group members, but we have developed into a strong team, committed fully to the Plan and its contents. We hope you will be equally proud to own it.

Next Meetings:

13th January, 10.00: Steering Group meeting to confirm the procedure for submission of the Plan (Reg 16) to SNC.

19th January, 11.30: Formal meeting to confirm submission of the Plan and to outline the timeline of the stages that follow.

Roy Hawkesford
on behalf of the Steering Group,

6th January 2021