Approved MInutes for the Steering Group Meeting – 10th September 2020


Date: 10th September 2020Time: 9:30amVenue: Virtual via Zoom
Members present: R Hawkesford (Chairman) C Lloyd & M Woolley.
Also present: Parish Clerk – A Benson
NP/23/20There were no apologies for absence.
NP/24/20There were no declarations of interest.
NP/25/20There were no members of the public in attendance
RESOLVED: To approve the minutes of the meeting 18th May 2020.
NP/27/20Matters Arising and brief update
Minute NP/20/20 – Confirmation received from SNC that Regulation 16 consultation can go ahead virtually.
NP/28/20Review of action following Regulation 14 Consultation
Responses were assessed and further discussion took place regarding green spaces and amendments to the Plan were made. The amended Plan has been forwarded to the Consultant.
NP/29/20Action on environmental appendix
An environmental appendix has been added to the Plan.
NP/30/20Further action regarding Regulation 16 Consultation
Once the plan is returned by the Consultant further review and final amendments to be made. The Plan will then be returned to the Consultant for submission to SNC.
Action: M Woolley to draft an updating article for the Parish Mag’
NP/31/20To consider implications of LGR
The Plan cannot go to referendum until May 2021 at the earliest.
NP/21/20Financial Update
Consultant paid to date. Final grant of £1000.00 received. Total cost well within budget.
NP/22/20Next meeting – To be confirmed.

NB These minutes have been added to this site for completeness. It should be noted that as a formal meeting of the Parish Council the approved copy of the minutes is formally recorded on the Parish Council Website.