Working Party Meeting Monday 14th December

In Attendance: Roy Hawkesford [RH] (Chair), Cllr Carol Lloyd [CL], Cllr Jo Willmer [JW], Maz Woolley [MW] , Clerk to the Parish Council Alison Benson  {Clerk]

In order to comply with the currently imposed Tier Two requirements this meeting was held using Zoom.

This meeting was held to review all the individual comments from members of the team on three documents prepared for R16 consultation phase of the HPNP making. These had been prepared for us by our Consultant Michael Wellock:

  • R16 version of the Neighbourhood plan without the new Policy Maps at this point
  • Basic Conditions statement
  • SEA/HRA Screening

All team members had reviewed these documents in detail and felt that a number of changes are needed to the Plan to remove errors of wording/style as well as to reflect some of the changes that have occured in the last six months like the start of housebuilding on the Hardingstone side of the B526 in recent weeks. Changes to the other two documents were generally typos and layout issues rather than any change in content.

A discussion was held on the entry for the PIddington Green space. It was decided that the inclusion of the third field was to be dropped. This was because it was not an integral part of the green area to the South of Willoughby way being separated by a public footpath and we had less evidence of its flora and fauna. It was also not noted as part of the marked green space in the SNC produced Village Guide. As discussions have been held with the landowner of the two fields we feel are crucial to form the Piddington Green Space it was felt that the document could also be updated to reflect that as well as making sure the flora and fauna lists were updated to include the Great Crested Newts presence test etc.

MW to redraw the area and supply to Michael with apologies for more changes!

There were a few questions arising from these documents that will be passed to our consultant along with a slightly revised Introduction from our Chair.

A further document has been supplied by our Consultant for us to check which records the public consultation we have undertaken. This is also part of the pack of documents which need to be passed to SNC before the start of R16 Consultation phase. CL agreed to check that this was OK and let MIchael have a response if any were needed.

MW was actioned to produce a consolidated document reflecting the comment by comment analysis/discussion undertaken in the meeting. This was to consist of the response to each of three documents listed above. This was then to be passed to the Chair for checking and forwarding to our Michael, our Consultant.

The team noted that they needed to see the revised policy maps to complete the review.

It was agreed by the whole team that we now feel that Plan is now looking close to complete and reflects the large amount of work undertaken.

Regulation 16 Plan version now being reviewed

Our Consultant has now returned the latest version of the plan updated and expanded after our Regulation 14 consultation.

The team are now spending time reviewing the plan and trying to make sure that it reflects changes which have happened since the R14 version was written like the start of work at Hardingstone on new housing. We are also trying to make sure that it is very clear before it is passed to SNC for the official comments.

In addition to the plan there are two more documents that have to be submitted to accompany it. These are written by the Consultant and are technical planning documents but we we still have to check that they are correct!

We are still waiting for some supporting policy maps to check but these are likely to be with us soon.

We hope to get the review completed, and the paperwork updated by our Consultant as soon as possible, with an aim of getting it to SNC before the end of 2020.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Neighbourhood Plan Team