Chairman’s Report October 2020


As reported last month our amended version of the Regulation 14 Formal Consultation document together with an enlarged biodiversity Appendix was sent to our consultant, Michael Wellock, at the end of September. His reworked draft will be sent to us shortly for proofreading.

This document, once amended according to anything we wish to correct will be sent to South Northants Council. This stage is called Regulation 16, and at this point SNC is responsible for the next stage of consultation. We are obliged to publicise the Plan and to demonstrate that we have fully complied with the requirements. Because of Covid-19, we will not have the document on display within the Parish, of course, but it will be available online. We will advertise this on our websites and in the Parish Mag. SNC will also publicise the document.

Next Meetings:

A sub-group meeting will be held roughly two weeks after our Consultant issues the Regulation 16 draft of the plan to agree any changes.

The next formal meeting will be held once the Regulation 16 document is corrected and approved for forwarding to South Northants Council. Assuming we are in agreement, the draft Plan will be returned to Michael who will forward it Alan Munn at SNC.

You will have observed that progress is slow. There are periods of frantic activity followed by periods of waiting. Given that we have until nearly the end of May to complete the process, we are not behind the clock. The final submission, if approved by the examiner, will be put to the Parish in a YES/NO Referendum for approval. Assuming the vote is in favour, SNC will formally adopt our Neighbourhood Plan as part of its Local Plan.

Roy Hawkesford (on behalf of the Steering Group)

20th October 2020