Approved MInutes for the Steering Group Meeting – 18th May 2020



Date: 18th May 2020Time: 9:30amVenue: Virtual via Zoom
Members present: R Hawkesford, M Woolley, Parish Councillor C Lloyd, Parish Councillor Jo Willmer. Also present: Parish Clerk – A Benson
NP/11/20RESOLVED: To appoint R Hawkesford as Chairman.
NP/12/20There were no apologies for absence.
NP/13/20There were no declarations of interest
NP/14/20There were no members of the public in attendance.
NP/15/20RESOLVED: To approve the minutes of the meeting 9th March 2020.
NP/16/20Matters Arising and brief update Regulation 14 Consultation complete. SEA report from Environment Agency subsequently received.
NP/17/20Review of Regulation 14 Consultation Positive responses received from public and public bodies. All comments have been fully considered.
NP/18/20To agree any action, amendments or additions to the Plan Once specific guidance has been received from the Consultant a biodiversity appendix to be added. Action: M Woolley to discuss printing options with printer. Comments from the Police, other public bodies and a local landowner to be incorporated within the Plan. Plan to be presented at a Parish Council meeting by Steering Group for discussion once out of lockdown.
NP/19/20To consider the procedure for Regulation 16 submission to SNC Awaiting confirmation that Regulation 16 consultation by SNC can go ahead virtually.
NP/20/20To consider implications of LGR The Plan is in keeping with the WNJCS and SNC Local Plan. It can be amended and there will be a statutory review after 2 years so any changes can be dealt with at that point.
NP/21/20Financial Update Consultant has confirmed that future fees total £2450. Grant application to be submitted.
NP/22/20Next meeting – To be confirmed once feedback from Consultant & SNC received.

Approved 10/9/2020