Chairman’s Report August 2020

The decision by the Government to put back consideration of Neighbourhood Plans to May next year has afforded us the opportunity to spend much more time on certain aspects of the Plan. In the last month, Maz has compiled Jo’s work on the environment and has included it in a revised and expanded Appendix, relating it to policies within the body of the Plan. This has now been sent to Michael, and it should enable him to produce the next version of the Plan. When he’s done this, Michael will send it out to the steering group to check. Following any final amendments, the Plan will then be sent to SNC for Regulation 16 Consultation.

Step 9. Publicising a plan proposal (Regulation 16) 1. As soon as possible after receiving a plan proposal that includes all of the relevant documents, the local planning authority must (a) publicise the following on their website and elsewhere as appropriate (i) details of the plan proposal
(ii) details of where and when the plan proposal can be seen
(iii) details of how to make representations (iv) a statement that representations may include a request to be notified of local planning authority’s decision under Regulation 19 below (v) deadline for receipt of representations (minimum 6 week period) (b) notify any consultation body referred to in the consultation statement that the plan proposal has been received

SNC will be responsible for the actions at this stage.

Progress has been leisurely since the deadline for final submission of Plans was put back to May next year. This has afforded us the opportunity to refine our work on the environmental aspects of the Plan.
Following an eDNA test on the pond within the Piddington Green Space, evidence of legendary Great Crested Newts was found. This discovery is perhaps no longer as significant as it might have been, given that Mr Cummings clearly wants to brush aside things that may prevent building on such sites. Nevertheless, the environmental content of our Plan is fully in line with SNC’s Local Plan, and our Plan should be in place before any disastrous changes are implemented. (Please note, there will be much opposition to the proposed changes from within parliament as well as from environmental groups, so there is no certainty that the changes will be implemented.)

Roy Hawkesford, on behalf of the Steering Group. 28th August 2020