Working Party Meeting Friday 17th July

In Attendance: Roy Hawesford [RH] (Chair), Cllr Carol Lloyd [CL], Cllr Jo Willmer [JW], Maz Woolley [MW]  

  • RH to contact Alan Munn at SNC to identify what format our R16 submission to SNC needs to be in, number of copies if physical copies required etc.
  • Discussions held on ‘water’ element of Environment Appendix and as water course management is not part of land use planning but covered by other initiatives we can reduce the emphasis in this area and keep focus upon discouraging developments on flood plains and management of grey infrastructure  on new developments to ensure that local flooding is not made worse, importance of semi permeable and permeable surfaces, and swales and other water retention and use schemes.
  • The next steps on the appendix are:
    • MW to revise plan to take the comments made and the point above into account, link into main body planning policies and to pass to JW – hopefully by Friday 24th. JW to review and pass back any further corrections to MW to resolve.
    • MW to investigate mixed paper sizes in Word/PDF and discuss printing these with Alan McDonagh.
    • Once corrections made MW to print a copy and JW to pass to Guy Ward for review [within next two weeks estimate]
    • Any further corrections made as suggested by Guy or group discussion on response if required
    • Passed to Michael, our consultant, for incorporation into plan