Working Party (Environment Sub-group) Meeting Friday 19th June 2020

Attendees: Cllr Jo Willmer, Maz Woolley

  1. We reviewed the documentation returned by Michael and identified Michael’s handwritten notes which did not need to be incorporated in the appendix.
  2. We agreed that the structure should follow the lines of:
    • Introductory Section and importance of connectivity between wildlife sites (Gov’t Report)
    • Our Parish
      • Wildlife (Flora and Fauna)
        • Maps from Magic Map on species and habitats plus quotes of bats etc studies
        • Local Wildlife sites lists, map, SSSIs
        • Historical influences Ridge and Furrow and habitats
        • Wildlife corridors provide internal connections
        • Importance of woodland
        • Stewardship schemes maps
      • Water
        • Try to get a map of the blue infrastructure
        • Importance of grey infrastructure management to prevent flooding etc.
        • How water courses provide wildlife corridors in many cases
    • Our Surroundings
      • Lists of areas/corridors/Ramsar/cross boundary SSSIs etc
        • Sub regional corridors – relationship with corridors in our plan
        • List of key cross boundary wildlife areas like Upper Nene (Ramsar)
        • SSSI’s split across boundaries
      • Water catchment areas for Nene, flood to hold back runoff – link to swales etc in plan
    • Lists of Documents consulted to include Magic Map from Defra as info source
  3. Maz has taken away some of the background information and will research water and available maps and create a first draft appendix
  4. Jo to review the first draft and comment so that it may be revised before the second draft is released to Steering Group for comment, if needed another environment sub-group meeting will be held to discuss first draft