Working Party Meeting – Friday May 1st 2020

Virtual meeting attended by:

  • Roy Hawkesford (Chair)
  • Cllr Carol Lloyd
  • Cllr Jo Willmer
  • Maz Woolley (Notetaker)

The Section 14 Representation ended at midnight on the 24th April 2020. The purpose of this meeting was to review the representations received and to determine actions needed to update the plan before submitting it to South Northants Council (SNC) for Regulation 16 review and further stages.

Representations were limited and are confidential but we have analysed them by type below:

SECURITY : parking and crime – Roy to contact Michael Wellock (Our retained Planning Consultant) and ask his advice on adding an extra design criteria to cover these issues: i.e. to stop developments with secluded parking courts, alleys, and other blind spots.

PIDDINGTON GREEN SPACE – Jo to pass owners contact details to Maz and Maz to get in touch with them. It is felt likely that this can be resolved in discussion and with ‘tweaking’ the plan.

HOUSE BUILDERS CONCERNS – Michael has been asked to look at this and advise on our compliance with planning regulations. Maz has asked that Michael considers a clear statement that the number of properties built, and with planning permission granted meet the foreseen demand in the plan period and that in consultation SNC has indicated that they do not believe that there is unmet housing demand in the parish. Michael to indicate if this is appropriate.

OTHER SPECIFIC RESPONSES: These are supportive, or comment, and do not require any further amendments to the plan.

ENVIRONMENT The team believes that an appendix is needed to include the context that helps to justify our wildlife corridors and environmental concerns. Roy to ask Michael to clarify the type of content that would be appropriate in the new environment appendix based on material already provided by Jo. Jo and Maz to try to work on getting a draft appendix item ready.

It was noted by the team that the Government has recently provided planning guidance in the light of Covid-19 restrictions which means that no Neighbourhood Plan referendums will now take place until May 2021. Although we wish to get the plan to SNC for Regulation 16 consultation as soon as possible it is now inevitable that the plan cannot be approved by the community until May 2021 at the earliest.

Roy is to work with the clerk to the Parish Council to ensure that appropriate government funding continues to be available to retain our Consultant and cover other costs related to making this plan.

It was decided that it would be appropriate to have a formal NP meeting on Friday 15th at 13:30 with the Parish Clerk in attendance. This would formally record the completion of Regulation 14 period and the activities we will be undertaking to prepare the plan for passing to SNC for further representations and approvals.