Working Party (environment sub-group) Meeting Friday 29th May 2020

Attendees: Cllr Jo Willmer, Maz Woolley

  1. Roy Hawkesford to request that our consultant returns the map/info that Jo sent him so we can scan and create appropriate maps in appendix – based on assumption that we have the budget to have work done by Almac Studios.
  2. Jo supplied a set of additional references to be listed in Appendix 6 these need to be added into R16 version of Plan
  3. Jo has highlighted several points where corrections are needed to the R14 version of the plan – we need to pass these on to our Consultant to include in the R16 revision
  4. The Longland Meadow completed SNC format form for a green space within the document  needs to be reviewed and updated to ensure it is accurate and complete – Jo to look at this
  5. The Piddington completed SNC form for a green space has already had corrections and map changes supplied to MIchael – Jo needs to review the updated document when it comes back from Michael to ensure that it is correct
  6. We discussed the Environmental Appendix and its structure. It was decided that it should include the following
    • An introductory section which refers to Lawton Report and RSPB reports etc and the importance of the parish green and blue infrastructure being looked at in the context of local, regional, and National eco-systems 
    • Set of Maps to show the parish in its environmental context (developed from map Jo sent to Consultant) – Alan at Almac has confirmed that overlays are not practical on A3 fold out pages due to registration issues as well as the acrylic sheets being unsuited to folding
    • There should be some narrative with the maps to highlight how they integrate into the wildlife corridors shown in policy section thus explaining why they are important/relevant to Parish
    • A list of sources used, and a brief description of how each source influenced our thinking
  7. I (Maz) will start work on the introductory section on lines already shared/discussed with Jo. Once Michael sends us the map back we will then move on to the next sections
  8. Completing the work on the appendix will take some time and much depends on Michael sending the map back.
  9. It was agreed that we should allow ourselves time for at least 2 sets of amendments before it the R16 version of the plan goes to SNC. With no referendum possible to May 2021 we have the time to make sure that the plan is properly checked.