Approved Minutes For Steering Group 9th March 2020



Date: 9th March 2020Time: 7.00pmVenue:- Liz Harrison Room – Hackleton Village Hall
Members present: R Hawkesford, M Woolley, Parish Councillor C Lloyd. Also present: Parish Clerk – A Benson
NP/01/03/20RESOLVED: To accept apologies from Cllr J Willmer
NP/02/03/20Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.
NP/03/03/20RESOLVED: To approve the minutes of the meeting 9TH September 2019.
NP/04/03/20RESOLVED: To approve amended Terms of Reference subject to full Council approval
NP/05/03/20Matters Arising and brief updates since previous meeting / informal meeting reviews Informal Consultation has been held and the Plan reviewed/amended following feedback.
NP/06/03/20Financial Update Consultants fees this financial year £1400. All other costs £1935. Action: Clerk to contact Groundworks to ensure conditions of grant are fully met.
NP/07/03/20Progress Review Following informal consultation the Plan has been amended and is now at formal consultation stage under Regulation 14 Town and Country Planning, England, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, as amended. The formal consultation will run from 6th March to 24th April.
NP/08/03/20Regulation 14 Consultation All documents are in order. Advertising is in place. All information is on the website and all stakeholders, local businesses & landowners have been notified of the Consultation
NP/09/03/20Next Steps All feedback from the Regulation 14 Consultation will be reviewed and the Plan amended as appropriate. Action: R Hawkesford to contact Consultant regarding adding additional environmental information as a new appendix and to ensure sufficient flooding information is included. Once final amendments in place the Plan will be submitted to SNC.
NP/06/09/19Date of next meeting – Monday 4th May 2020 7pm *
* NB the date and format of the meeting were subsequently changed following the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus.