Working Party (environment sub-group) Meeting Friday 29th May 2020

Attendees: Cllr Jo Willmer, Maz Woolley

  1. Roy Hawkesford to request that our consultant returns the map/info that Jo sent him so we can scan and create appropriate maps in appendix – based on assumption that we have the budget to have work done by Almac Studios.
  2. Jo supplied a set of additional references to be listed in Appendix 6 these need to be added into R16 version of Plan
  3. Jo has highlighted several points where corrections are needed to the R14 version of the plan – we need to pass these on to our Consultant to include in the R16 revision
  4. The Longland Meadow completed SNC format form for a green space within the document  needs to be reviewed and updated to ensure it is accurate and complete – Jo to look at this
  5. The Piddington completed SNC form for a green space has already had corrections and map changes supplied to MIchael – Jo needs to review the updated document when it comes back from Michael to ensure that it is correct
  6. We discussed the Environmental Appendix and its structure. It was decided that it should include the following
    • An introductory section which refers to Lawton Report and RSPB reports etc and the importance of the parish green and blue infrastructure being looked at in the context of local, regional, and National eco-systems 
    • Set of Maps to show the parish in its environmental context (developed from map Jo sent to Consultant) – Alan at Almac has confirmed that overlays are not practical on A3 fold out pages due to registration issues as well as the acrylic sheets being unsuited to folding
    • There should be some narrative with the maps to highlight how they integrate into the wildlife corridors shown in policy section thus explaining why they are important/relevant to Parish
    • A list of sources used, and a brief description of how each source influenced our thinking
  7. I (Maz) will start work on the introductory section on lines already shared/discussed with Jo. Once Michael sends us the map back we will then move on to the next sections
  8. Completing the work on the appendix will take some time and much depends on Michael sending the map back.
  9. It was agreed that we should allow ourselves time for at least 2 sets of amendments before it the R16 version of the plan goes to SNC. With no referendum possible to May 2021 we have the time to make sure that the plan is properly checked.

Neighbourhood Plan Report May 2020


Report from the Steering Group chairman

A lot has happened since the last report on 24th February. That report outlined the process of Regulation 14 Formal Consultation and what we were required to do. I can confirm that the process has been completed and has been reviewed by the Steering Group and our consultant, Michael Wellock.

Initially, we allowed eight weeks from the date of publication of the Reg 14 Draft, given that the Easter break would have come in the middle of that period; in the end we allowed a little more time because of COVID-19. Unsurprisingly, most respondents still left it until the end of period before sending their comments!

I can confirm that we did get a modest number of replies from statutory bodies, members of the public, a landowner and a property developer. All of the comments from the public were highly positive about the Plan. The landowner commented on the inaccuracy of a map, and that detail has now been corrected satisfactorily.

The property developer made an argument for the inclusion of the Oak Way site, but we believe that – following consultation with our consultant and SNC – we should not amend the Plan to accommodate his comments. We are not required to present a site, given the land bank and the terms of the WNJCS and SNC’s Local Plan. (N.B. SNC’s approval of the Larkfleet Homes planning application was for the same number of houses that we had originally proposed.)

We are now waiting for a decision from SNC on whether or not we can proceed with the next stage, Regulation 16, purely online – because of the restrictions necessitated by the COVID-19 outbreak. We aren’t anticipating an adverse response, but SNC are checking the legality of this. Other Local Authorities have proceeded purely online.

You may be aware that all Neighbourhood Plan Referenda have been put back until May 2021. While there is no rush to proceed, however, the various stages of the process take some months to complete. We would like to proceed to Reg 16 – at which point SNC formally takes our Plan forward – as soon as we are ready. We will be at that stage within a few weeks. We are still working on important environmental aspects, but all other amendments following Reg 14 have been incorporated.

Roy Hawkesford

May 19th 2020

Approved Minutes For Steering Group 9th March 2020



Date: 9th March 2020Time: 7.00pmVenue:- Liz Harrison Room – Hackleton Village Hall
Members present: R Hawkesford, M Woolley, Parish Councillor C Lloyd. Also present: Parish Clerk – A Benson
NP/01/03/20RESOLVED: To accept apologies from Cllr J Willmer
NP/02/03/20Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.
NP/03/03/20RESOLVED: To approve the minutes of the meeting 9TH September 2019.
NP/04/03/20RESOLVED: To approve amended Terms of Reference subject to full Council approval
NP/05/03/20Matters Arising and brief updates since previous meeting / informal meeting reviews Informal Consultation has been held and the Plan reviewed/amended following feedback.
NP/06/03/20Financial Update Consultants fees this financial year £1400. All other costs £1935. Action: Clerk to contact Groundworks to ensure conditions of grant are fully met.
NP/07/03/20Progress Review Following informal consultation the Plan has been amended and is now at formal consultation stage under Regulation 14 Town and Country Planning, England, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, as amended. The formal consultation will run from 6th March to 24th April.
NP/08/03/20Regulation 14 Consultation All documents are in order. Advertising is in place. All information is on the website and all stakeholders, local businesses & landowners have been notified of the Consultation
NP/09/03/20Next Steps All feedback from the Regulation 14 Consultation will be reviewed and the Plan amended as appropriate. Action: R Hawkesford to contact Consultant regarding adding additional environmental information as a new appendix and to ensure sufficient flooding information is included. Once final amendments in place the Plan will be submitted to SNC.
NP/06/09/19Date of next meeting – Monday 4th May 2020 7pm *
* NB the date and format of the meeting were subsequently changed following the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus.

Working Party Meeting – Friday May 1st 2020

Virtual meeting attended by:

  • Roy Hawkesford (Chair)
  • Cllr Carol Lloyd
  • Cllr Jo Willmer
  • Maz Woolley (Notetaker)

The Section 14 Representation ended at midnight on the 24th April 2020. The purpose of this meeting was to review the representations received and to determine actions needed to update the plan before submitting it to South Northants Council (SNC) for Regulation 16 review and further stages.

Representations were limited and are confidential but we have analysed them by type below:

SECURITY : parking and crime – Roy to contact Michael Wellock (Our retained Planning Consultant) and ask his advice on adding an extra design criteria to cover these issues: i.e. to stop developments with secluded parking courts, alleys, and other blind spots.

PIDDINGTON GREEN SPACE – Jo to pass owners contact details to Maz and Maz to get in touch with them. It is felt likely that this can be resolved in discussion and with ‘tweaking’ the plan.

HOUSE BUILDERS CONCERNS – Michael has been asked to look at this and advise on our compliance with planning regulations. Maz has asked that Michael considers a clear statement that the number of properties built, and with planning permission granted meet the foreseen demand in the plan period and that in consultation SNC has indicated that they do not believe that there is unmet housing demand in the parish. Michael to indicate if this is appropriate.

OTHER SPECIFIC RESPONSES: These are supportive, or comment, and do not require any further amendments to the plan.

ENVIRONMENT The team believes that an appendix is needed to include the context that helps to justify our wildlife corridors and environmental concerns. Roy to ask Michael to clarify the type of content that would be appropriate in the new environment appendix based on material already provided by Jo. Jo and Maz to try to work on getting a draft appendix item ready.

It was noted by the team that the Government has recently provided planning guidance in the light of Covid-19 restrictions which means that no Neighbourhood Plan referendums will now take place until May 2021. Although we wish to get the plan to SNC for Regulation 16 consultation as soon as possible it is now inevitable that the plan cannot be approved by the community until May 2021 at the earliest.

Roy is to work with the clerk to the Parish Council to ensure that appropriate government funding continues to be available to retain our Consultant and cover other costs related to making this plan.

It was decided that it would be appropriate to have a formal NP meeting on Friday 15th at 13:30 with the Parish Clerk in attendance. This would formally record the completion of Regulation 14 period and the activities we will be undertaking to prepare the plan for passing to SNC for further representations and approvals.