Regulation 14 Consultation Online ONly

Following the Government’s instructions issued yesterday, 23rd March 2020, we have decided to make the consultation online only for the remainder of the time it has to run.

We did investigate loaning plans to people at home but that would have broken the instructions issued by the Government, and would have risked passing on infection as we would have no adequate way of disinfecting the plan after each use. So we have had to abandon that initiative.

We have taken advice and the consultation based upon our web site is regarded as satisfying the requirements of Regulation 14. But if you should have any concern please email our Parish Clerk at or complete a contact form on our website

Stay Safe

Neighbourhood Plan Team

Plan Inspection Locations

Unfortunately the Government’s instructions issued on 20th March 2020 in an attempt to reduce the rate of spread of the Coronavirus will shut many businesses and public facilities. This in turn means that most of the locations where hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan documents were lodged are now shut.

The locations that are currently open where you may inspect the plan are:

  • Towcester Library – Moat Lane, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6AD (confirmed open 21/3/2020)
  • Hackleton Stores, Hackleton

For those who have internet access we urge you to review the plan and make any representations on our web site at This has the full copy of the plan and supporting evidence in pdf form as well as an online form to make representations.

If you know of anyone who wishes to review the plan and is unable to see it at one of the locations listed above, or read it online. They may contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, contact details may be found here. We will then try to make a plan available to them to review in some way.

Drop-in Sessions Cancelled

Having reviewed the Government’s latest advice we have decided that we have to cancel the drop-in sessions planned during the Regulation 14 consultation period.

If there is anyone who cannot review and comment online, or by visiting one of the locations that the plan is on display, then they should contact the Parish Clerk, contact details here, and we will try to make an arrangement for them to see the plan.

We apologise for any inconvenience but the circumstances are exceptional.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening

One of the things that the Neighbourhood plan team has to produce is an assessment as to whether the impact of our plan on the Environment is likely to need a formal detailed strategic environmental assessment (SEA). Our impact assessment has been completed by our consultant and Natural England, the government’s adviser for the natural environment in England, have responded today (11/03/2020) saying:

Natural England considers that, based on the material supplied with the consultation, in so far as our strategic environmental interests are concerned, significant environmental effects resulting from the neighbourhood plan are unlikely. We therefore agree with the conclusion of the SEA screening report that a Strategic Environmental Assessment would not be required.”

This is excellent as a formal screening assessment would need additional time, effort and cost to create. It is good news that a body as important as Natural England agrees we do not need to complete one.

Agenda Steering Group Meeting March 2020




Meeting: Monday 9th March 2020 at 7.00pm in the Liz Harrison Room, Hackleton Village Hall

NP/01/03/20 To receive apologies for absence.
NP/02/03/20 Declarations of Interest.
NP/03/03/20 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting 9th September 2019.
NP/04/03/20 To approve amended Terms of Reference.
NP/05/03/20 Matters arising and brief updates since previous meeting.
NP/06/03/20 To undertake a review of the current financial position against budget
NP/07/03/20 To review progress since previous meeting to include a formal record of the Informal Consultation and subsequent changes made.
NP/08/03/20 To ensure all preparations are in place for the Regulation 14 Consultation
NP/09/03/20 To determine next steps after the Regulation 14 Consultation
NP/06/09/19 To agree next formal meeting date


Date: 9th September 2019 Time:- 7.00pm

Venue:- Liz Harrison Room – Hackleton Village Hall

Members present Cllr R Hawkesford, M Woolley, Cllr C Lloyd, G Youens. Also present Parish Clerks G Wells, A Benson
NP/01/09/19 RESOLVED: To accept apologies from Cllr J Willmer
NP/02/09/19 Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.
NP/03/09/19 RESOLVED: To approve the minutes of the meeting 12th August 2019.
NP/04/09/19 Matters Arising and brief updates since previous meeting / informal meeting reviews. Draft 6 of the Plan had been provided by Michael Wellock and circulated to members prior to the meeting.
NP/05/09/19 Members were asked to consider and approve requirements associated with the following:- Review of draft plan progress to date & outstanding items/actions Members were pleased with the re-writing and updating of the plan to include safeguarding biodiversity although the diagram/map of the wildlife corridors needs inclusion. It was agreed that the term Wootton Fields East should be used to describe the area of the Parish which incorporates part of Wotton Fields & St Georges.  It was agreed that there should be additional policies or aspirations including:       Future development should maintain and enhance the network of wildlife corridors         crossing the Parish.       Developers should be encouraged to provide electric car charging points above the         minimum legal number and preferably one per off street parking space together with       an aspiration for publicly accessible charging points within the villages.       Parish Council aspiration to develop recreational facilities throughout the Parish for          the benefit of all residents. Feedback from Michael Wellock (Kirkwells Consultant) & actions arising Michael had requested that the Longland Meadow information be put into same format as that for Piddington Field. M Woolley agreed to action this. It was agreed that the current draft of the Plan only needs minor revision prior to informal consultation. M Woolley agreed to mark up the amendments, circulate members for input then Cllr Hawkesford would liaise with Michael. Consultation procedures and public communication It was agreed that Cllr Hawkesford would contact Michael Wellock asking for a timescale/timetable of the next steps and clarification on the informal consultation in terms of who is consulted and whether the whole Plan is released at that time. It was agreed that any timetable must fit in with the parish magazine deadline so that the consultation can be included in the magazine. It was also suggested that an article could be pre-prepared in readiness. Community Day 28th September 2019 The WI will launch its information booklet on this day. Depending on what timetable is in place for the informal consultation of the Plan we could link in with this event. Budget and grant update and review Total grant £4200 or which £2500 remains. Invoice from Consultant expected.
NP/06/09/19 Date of next formal meeting – Monday 14th October 2019  

Plan now available To Review

The latest version of the Neighbourhood Plan, and supporting documents is now available to view on our website For those who prefer to read a paper copy it may be examined at Wootton and Towcester Libraries, in Hackleton Stores, and in the White Hart and Spread Eagle.

We will be holding three drop-in sessions over the consultation period at Hackleton Village Hall Annexe where you may read the plan and make representations:

  • Saturday March 28th                       11am to 2pm,
  • Thursday 2nd April                            11am to 2pm, and 
  • Wednesday 22nd April                   7pm to 9pm.

If you wish to make a formal representation about the plan then the easiest way is to complete a representation form online. Paper forms may be obtained from the locations where the plan is available to be read or from the Parish Clerk. All representations must be received by the clerk by April 24th 2020.

Once this formal consultation is complete we will be one step nearer passing the document to SNC to manage the final stages of its progress.

Working Group Meeting January 31st 2020

Attending Roy Hawkesford (RH) and Maz Woolley (MW)

The main purpose of the meeting was to review detailed comments received from Vanessa Thomas , one of our reviewers outside the Neighbourhood Plan Committee.

The comments were reviewed and reconciled to the latest version of the plan. RH to respond. There are a number of items:

  • outside the scope of a Neighbourhood Plan
  • which would require the Highways Authority to action them which would require the Parish Council working with NCC
  • In other cases RH will explain how existing policies are as ‘strong’as would be permissible.
  • In some cases RH will request that Michael, our consultant amends the plan
  • Finally there are items which we will investigate further like additional views and missing bridleways.

Regulation 14 Consultation Period Starts

Following your feedback from our Informal Consultation, in October 2019, and further work undertaken as a result, we are now moving on to Formal Consultation, also known as ‘Regulation 14 consultation’.

In accordance with this legal process, you will find our updated draft Neighbourhood Plan here. with its supporting documents. You may read it and make any formal responses before it is passed to South Northants Council (SNC) to proceed with the later steps in the adoption process.

Consultation lasts from 6th March to April 24th 2020. Copies of the Plan, supporting policy maps, and the Regulation 14 Representation Forms are available for reading and downloading on this site. They will also be made available at Wootton and Towcester Libraries, The White Hart, The Spread Eagle, and Hackleton Stores. You may also make any representations online on this website here.

We will be holding three drop in sessions in Hackleton Village Hall Annexe where copies of the Plan can be read and representation forms will be available to complete. Steering group members will be present to answer any questions about the plan. The dates and times for these events are:

■ Saturday 28th March from 11am to 2pm
■ Thursday 2nd April from 11am to 2pm
■ Wednesday 22nd April 7pm to 9pm

Working Party Meeting – Friday 21st February 2020

Attendees: Roy Hawkesford (RH), Carol Lloyd (CL)  and Maz Woolley (MCW)

Key topics /Action points.

The key topic for this meeting was:

  • To decide on the actions required to carry out the Regulation 14 Formal Consultation Phase

Consultation Actions

  • The consultation period and dates suggested by our Consultant Michael Wellock were accepted: 6th March 2020 to 24th April 2020. This is longer than the statutory Six weeks to allow for the Easter holiday falling during this period.
  • It was agreed that as this is a formal consultation that all comments should be passed by the following three routes:
    • Comment page on the website
    • Email to the Parish Clerk
    • Written letter to the parish clerk
  • All comments will be reviewed
  • It was agreed that the Formal consultation will be publicised via the following:
    • NN Pulse article (CL to arrange)
    • Parish Magazine Article (RH to arrange)
    • Parish Website (CL to liaise with Clerk)
    • HPNP Website (MCW  to manage)
    • Posters in the Parish Noticeboards (MW to create/print as soon as dates fro drop in sessions known, CL to discuss getting them posted with Clerk) plus Pubs/Stores/Preston Deanery Church/Chapel/Cricket Club/Village Hall etc. MCW to print 20.
  • 12 copies of the Reg 14 version of the plan to be printed by Almac after its return by Michael. (MCW to sort)
  • Hard Copy Plan to deposited at Wootton Fields and Towcester libraries
  • Plan to be made available online at (MCW to sort)
  • RH to obtain a list of who to contact from:
    • Alison – list of businesses contacted previously
    • Michael –identifying bodies to consult
    • SNC to also suggest bodies to consult
  • RH to ensure that letters make clear formal comments by email or letter to clerk, date to be sent by, and link to the plan on the website
  • Three drop in sessions to be arranged to give an opportunity for people to read plan and discuss. Carol to get Alison to arrange bookings of Village Hall for the three sessions spread across 8 weeks. One daytime on week day 11-2, One Evening Wed evening at 7-9, and one weekend Saturday 11-2. All in the Annexe.
  • A change list saying what has been done since informal discussion to be produced to be printed at A3 for drop in sessions. (MW to produce and Almac to print)

Meeting ended at 2.45