Working Party Meeting Friday February 7th 2020

Attendees: Maureen Williams (MW) Roy Hawkesworth (RH) and Maz Woolley (MCW)

Key topics /Action points.

The key topics for this meeting were:

  1. To review the non-designated heritage asset list and to obtain assistance from Maureen who has researched the area in considerable detail for her books.
  2. To review the comments on views and bridle ways passed to us by Vanessa Thomas who is part of our consultation group.

Non-Designated Heritage Assets

The list produced for the plan was reviewed item by item.

  • Maureen provided additional information to assist us for most of the items on the list
  • Some items were removed from the list as we did not have the level of detail needed to justify their inclusion:
    • The Hah Ha wall behind Hackleton House.this is not visible to the community and no details of age or value to history are known
    • The wall and buildings in Preston Deanery – we have no age or construction details are known. Nor do they contribute to interpreting to the history of the area or have special connections
  • One item is added: Preston Deanery Hall. This is not listed but is historically significant

Roy expressed the thanks of the Neighbourhod Plan team for Maureen helping us with this task and Maureen left the meeting

Maz to create the revised non-designated heritage assets table and pass to Michael. (Action)

Bridleways etc.

Following research done by Maz we identified the fact that the SNC maps are only illustrative as far as footpaths and brideways are concerned and that the only definitive map for such rights of way is maintained by Northamptonshire County Council. A copy is held by the Parish Clerk for the Parish and it was examined.

All three bridleways Vanessa identified as missing from the SNC maps are properly designated on NCC’s map. As that is the map used for planning matters any policies in our plan applying to bridleways will apply to them regardless of what the SNC maps have on them. Given our desire to get the plan into full consultation in the near future it was not felt that correcting faults in SNC maps was essential.

Maz to write to Vanessa toexplain the situation.

On views Maz (Action) has identified some inconsistencies in the plan and will review it and let Michael know. We think that many of the views mentioned by Vanessa may overlap in part the views already in there. 

Progress Check

It was noted that SNC have still not yet provided Michael with requested mapping despite payment being resolved. Roy to chase this up (Action)