Working Group Meeting – January17th 2020

Working Party Meeting Friday January17th 2020

Attendees: Roy Hawkesford Chair (RH), Cllr Carol LLoyd (CL), Cllr Jo Willmer (JW), Maz Woolley (MW)

Key topics /Action points.

  • RH reported that
    • Michael now in touch with SNC to resolve mapping issue.
    • Michael has updated plan and this needs reading
    • Meeting now arranged with SNC to discuss their comments on plan
  • MW offered to straighten photographs in plan if he got a list of what needs doing
  • MW agreed to liaise with Almac to get four copies of the latest version of the plan printed
  • JW to work on the wildlife corridor evidence to remove any issues and to add locations identified by locals at meeting
  • RH agreed to hold a meeting on historic non-designated assets and invite Maureen and others in an attempt to get the evidence satisfactory for SNC speciailists
  • MUGA references need removing from plan as no longer relevant
  • Should the café/drop in concept go back in as a community ambition? To be discussed further
  • RH, MW and CL if she can to attend meeting with SNC