Neighbourhood Plan Report February 2020

Report from Chairman of Steering Group

Just when we thought it was nearly all over… we learned last week that we have to carry out Reg 14 Formal Consultation, and not SNC.

We have worked hard, without exaggeration, to get the draft Plan to the point where we are happy to submit it. Having discovered what we did, we have been scurrying round to find out what’s required and to get everything ready for the start of the process, on March 6th. No mean feat! The consultation will last 8 weeks and it will be followed by amendments as required.

Basically, we have to consult with every person, body and organisation that might have an interest in the Plan. This includes all of those we contacted last October (for the Informal Draft Consultation) plus many others, such as:

  • adjoining parish councils and parishes
  • the Coal Authority
  • Natural England
  • The Environment Agency
  • Historic England
  • Network Rail
  • Telecoms providers
  • Utilities
  • Health organisations
  • Voluntary bodies
  • Faith, disability and minority groups
  • Other village groups
  • Local businesses, landowners, etc.

We are going to be busy!

We have been preparing publicity material, acquiring templates for the consultation process and, through Alison, booking the Annexe for drop-in sessions and meetings. We need to do more printing, of course, but we should remain well inside our budget for consumables.

Michael has been extremely helpful. Unfortunately, liaising with SNC is not as easy as it was. They should be able to provide us with contact details for all of the organisations listed above – because every other PC that has undertaken a Plan will have gone through the same procedure. Fingers crossed!

We are confident that our Plan is exciting and challenging, that it will be robust – and that it will serve the community well when it is finally ‘made’. We hope that the Parish Council will be proud to own it and will use it accordingly.

Do I regret calling that initial meeting way back in April 2017?  No, I don’t!

Roy Hawkesford

24th February 2020

Working Party Meeting Friday February 7th 2020

Attendees: Maureen Williams (MW) Roy Hawkesworth (RH) and Maz Woolley (MCW)

Key topics /Action points.

The key topics for this meeting were:

  1. To review the non-designated heritage asset list and to obtain assistance from Maureen who has researched the area in considerable detail for her books.
  2. To review the comments on views and bridle ways passed to us by Vanessa Thomas who is part of our consultation group.

Non-Designated Heritage Assets

The list produced for the plan was reviewed item by item.

  • Maureen provided additional information to assist us for most of the items on the list
  • Some items were removed from the list as we did not have the level of detail needed to justify their inclusion:
    • The Hah Ha wall behind Hackleton House.this is not visible to the community and no details of age or value to history are known
    • The wall and buildings in Preston Deanery – we have no age or construction details are known. Nor do they contribute to interpreting to the history of the area or have special connections
  • One item is added: Preston Deanery Hall. This is not listed but is historically significant

Roy expressed the thanks of the Neighbourhod Plan team for Maureen helping us with this task and Maureen left the meeting

Maz to create the revised non-designated heritage assets table and pass to Michael. (Action)

Bridleways etc.

Following research done by Maz we identified the fact that the SNC maps are only illustrative as far as footpaths and brideways are concerned and that the only definitive map for such rights of way is maintained by Northamptonshire County Council. A copy is held by the Parish Clerk for the Parish and it was examined.

All three bridleways Vanessa identified as missing from the SNC maps are properly designated on NCC’s map. As that is the map used for planning matters any policies in our plan applying to bridleways will apply to them regardless of what the SNC maps have on them. Given our desire to get the plan into full consultation in the near future it was not felt that correcting faults in SNC maps was essential.

Maz to write to Vanessa toexplain the situation.

On views Maz (Action) has identified some inconsistencies in the plan and will review it and let Michael know. We think that many of the views mentioned by Vanessa may overlap in part the views already in there. 

Progress Check

It was noted that SNC have still not yet provided Michael with requested mapping despite payment being resolved. Roy to chase this up (Action)

Working Group Meeting January 31st 2020

Attendees: Roy Hawkesford (RH) and Maz Woolley (MW)

Key topics /Action points.

The key topic for this meeting was to review the comments on the latest version of the plan received from Vanessa Thomas who is part of our consultation group.

Each point made by Vanessa was considered and items categorised as:

  • Outside the scope of a local plan
  • Items that the Parish Council or Highways authorities would deal with and not a local plan
  • Imposing a level of restriction that we have been advised would be objected to by SNC etc and rejected by Inspector
  • Are outside the new funding structure created by the operation of the Community Levy
  • Something that can be incorporated in the next version of the plan
  • Something that needs further investigation

Action Points

  • RH to respond with summary of our considerations
  • RH to send changes we can readily incorporate to Michael for inclusion in next version of the plan.
  • MW to look at suggested views and to see if they may be incorporated
  • MW to look at missing bridleways and see if they can be incorporated into maps.
  • RH to arrange a meeting with Maureen to look at non-designated heritage assets

Meeting with SNC January 22nd 2020

Venue: SNC Offices Towcester
Present: Alan Munn (AM) Planing Policy and Growth Strategy
Manager, Roy Hawkesford (RH) Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Chair, Maz Woolley (MW)
Notetaker: MW
  • AM informed us that due to the current staffing issues whilst the transition to Unitary takes place he would be assisting us progressing our Neighbourhood Plan for the moment
  • AM informed us that Neighbourhood Plans are still going on in SNC area. At present one is ahead of us and one just behind.
  • A discussion was held on the potential impact on the next stages of our Neighbourhood Plan as a result of the transition to Unitary Authority. AM was of the opinion that if our plan continues to progress it should be in place before significant changes as a result of the Unitary Authority take place.
  • AM did draw attention to the likelihood of new plans emerging once the Unitary Authority was in place and the potential for them to override the local plan at some point. AM agreed that where they did not modify our plan, or supersede it, the Neighbourhood Plan would still be in force for its lifetime. 
  • RH handed over the latest working version of our plan to AM noting that there is still work to do before it comes back to SNC for the formal review process.
  • A discussion was held on the green spaces defined in the plan. An area where AM suggested a better level of justification is needed is the green areas defined to prevent coalescence. The area to the north of Hackleton which was formerly a possible strategic development site needs consideration for removal. Those at the edge of Hackleton and Piddington need to be clear as to why coalescence between the villages is undesirable and why these areas have been chosen. AM suggested we read the Inspectors report p58 on the Daventry plan which has wording on coalescence
  • AM suggested that green verges etc may need to be shown in different colour on map from other spaces and it made clear that these are of a lower significance
  • A discussion was held on non-designated Heritage Assets and RH passed over a sample of the new table we hoped to use for comment by Dr. Gary Campion.
  • RH stated that the meeting had been useful and thanked AM for meeting with us.

Working Group Meeting – January17th 2020

Working Party Meeting Friday January17th 2020

Attendees: Roy Hawkesford Chair (RH), Cllr Carol LLoyd (CL), Cllr Jo Willmer (JW), Maz Woolley (MW)

Key topics /Action points.

  • RH reported that
    • Michael now in touch with SNC to resolve mapping issue.
    • Michael has updated plan and this needs reading
    • Meeting now arranged with SNC to discuss their comments on plan
  • MW offered to straighten photographs in plan if he got a list of what needs doing
  • MW agreed to liaise with Almac to get four copies of the latest version of the plan printed
  • JW to work on the wildlife corridor evidence to remove any issues and to add locations identified by locals at meeting
  • RH agreed to hold a meeting on historic non-designated assets and invite Maureen and others in an attempt to get the evidence satisfactory for SNC speciailists
  • MUGA references need removing from plan as no longer relevant
  • Should the café/drop in concept go back in as a community ambition? To be discussed further
  • RH, MW and CL if she can to attend meeting with SNC