Working Group Meeting November 29th 2019

Attendees: Roy Hawkesford (Chair), Cllr Carol Lloyd, Maz Woolley

Apologies: Cllr Jo Willmer

It was confirmed that the Parish Council had supported the recommendation that we withdraw the allocation of land adjacent to Oak Way in the Neighbourhood Plan following SNC granting planning permission for 21 affordable houses to be built by Larkfleet Homes at Lyne Walk. RH has informed our Consultant to amend plan on that basis.

Following the meeting with Dr Garry Campion an amended table format for non-heritage assets was presented by MW along with backing information from Historic England. It was accepted by the meeting.

Each team member present was allocated two items in the table to update to the new format to see what sort of information we may be missing. It was agreed that we may need some help on some of the items where the panel is not familiar with them. The updated entries are to be completed before the next working party meeting.

The Mapping issue raised by SNC will be managed by our Consultant once SNC provide the latest version of their documents.

MW suggested that the SNC issues over the Green Corridors may be best dealt with by meeting with them to clarify the issues and understand their concerns rather than by guessing what they need us to do. RH to contact SNC to see if that can be arranged.

The next working party meeting is to be arranged.