Meeting with SNC Conservation Officer

Purpose of meeting: to discuss Conservation Officer comments on the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood plan.  

Present       Dr Gary Campion SNC Conservation Officer (DC)

                   Roy Hawkesford Chair NP Committee (RH)    

                 Maz Woolley NP team (MW)    

  1. Ridge and Furrow was discussed. GC stated that whilst this is important it cannot be defined as a non-designated heritage asset (NDHA) in its own right. It could be designated as part of an area if there were evidence of medieval village adjacent for example but not on its own. GC recommends that we talk to Jennie as to whether the areas in Horton can be designated as a green space rather than as a NDHA. Action: NP Team
  2. GC suggested that we may wish to consult the NCC County Archaeologists on what mapping and information they have for the area and whether they have already officially marked any areas of interest.  
  3. GC informed us that the Inspector approving the plan depends on SNC reviewing our non-designated historical asset (NDHA) information and if SNC or public do not flag up issues then the Inspector will probably assume OK. SNC need to be comfortable with our designations before they approve the NP as they will face any developer fight back at a later date.  
  4. GC suggested that our NDHA table be modified to have four columns headed one for each of the Historic England Criteria for a NDHA. We should then review each proposed asset against these criteria and compete the columns appropriately. This will allow SNC and Inspector to see that we have followed an appropriate methodology in defining assets. Actions:GC to send us the four Historic England criteria to use as headings, NP Team to review all the entries and add evidence required.  
  5. GC agreed to review our amended information to make sure that it would be acceptable to SNC before we submit the formal plan. Action:NP Team to update plan and forward to GC with a copy to Jennie as she is overall coordinator of SNC response.  
  6. RH thanked GC for visiting us, clarifying what we need to do, and helping us with our Plan.

Chairman’s Report to the Parish Council

Please note that this recommendation was discussed by a full Parish Council meeting on 19th November 2019 and the council has formally approved the recommendation by the Neighbourhood Plan Committee.

Report from Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

In the light of the planning permission recently granted to Larkfleet Homes to build 21 houses at Lyne Walk, and comments by South Northants Council, the Neighbourhood Plan Committee believes that the allocation of a site to build housing in the Neighbourhood Plan should be withdrawn.

I believe the case we have made is irrefutable, in the light of the changes to planning guidelines (NPPF) and the decision to approve the Lyne Walk development. Given that SNC is adamant that it has a 7.54-year land supply, they see no need for excessive development in the countryside. They were partly opposed to the Lyne Walk development on these grounds, so to double the allocation of housing in Hackleton would not be acceptable at the present time. 

We can include in the Plan the possibility of allocating a site in the future, subject to need and in accordance with a subsequent housing needs survey conducted in conjunction with the Housing Officer. This could be reviewed when the Plan comes up for review in three years’ time.

Following comments, in particular from SNC, we are making some amendments to the Draft Plan, but most of these are to do with clarification and providing further evidence; they are not things that necessarily require the approval of the Council at this time. I have requested a meeting with Jennie Johnson at SNC to talk through these amendments and the nature of the extra evidence required.

I should point out that SNC, in their response, seemed impressed with the Draft Plan: “The Council appreciates the amount of work that the Neighbourhood Plan Group have put into the draft Neighbourhood Plan, and just has the following comments in order to ensure consistency with national and local policy.”  Those comments are not insurmountable and, by removing the site, the task for the steering group is made much simpler.

While Housing/Oak Way was inevitably the main focus for most who attended the two consultation events in the Village Hall Annexe, the overwhelming response was favourable to the Plan as a whole. The only appropriate negative comments received were in respect of the allocated site, which was only to be expected.

Finally, we will continue with our work on the draft Plan once Parish Council approval for the site to be withdrawn has been given.

Roy Hawkesford

Chairman Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Committee.

Post Consultation Activities

The consultation on the draft plan has now ended and we met on November 1st to review the comments we received from South Northants Council, interested parties, and the community .

SNC approval of planning permission for 21 homes at the top of Lyne Walk on 31st October has obviously had to be taken into account in our deliberations of exactly what the Final Plan should look like.

We have taken all the comments we have received very seriously. In some cases your comments are on matters outside the scope of the plan but we intend to pass those over to those bodies who they concern, be it NCC, SNC or the Parish Council.

We have reviewed the plan in the light of comments and feel some changes are needed. We will now make recommendations to the Parish Council. We will also need to consult SNC further to fully understand their comments and ensure that the plan is clearer in the areas that they question.

Once we have addressed everyone’s comments and made the changes we feel are needed the final plan will go for official consultation and Planning Inspection.

Although the official consultation period is over you may always let the team know what you think at any time by adding a comment to this website.