Working Party Meeting 9th August 2019

Meeting Notes

Neigbourhood Planning Committee Working Party

Date: Friday 9th August 2019

Attending: Cllr Roy Hawkesford, Cllr Jo Wilmer, Cllr Carol Lloyd, Maz Woolley

Meeting Purpose: To review the draft plan issued by Michael Wellock July 2019.

It was noted that the draft of the plan seemed to be a good start and covers well many areas we have discussed. However it was felt that there were some areas where it has either not included policies and evidence we feel important, or has not fully developed policies in line with our discussions. It was agreed that the document was not yet ready to be put forward for informal consultation.

The following topics need to be communicated to our Consultant  for inclusion or expansion within the plan so that a new and updated draft can be issued and checked before we enter informal consultation.

Parish Spine

This is a crucial ambition especially if more strategic development takes place that might fund it. This needs a diagram showing a possible route linking with existing quieter roads and the national cycleway. This needs to cater for cycling, walking, jogging and mobility scooters. It is a community aspiration. Agreed that we may not have communicated this clearly enough and need to do some more work.

Road Safety

We need to make it very clear that the B526 is unsuitable for use by any but experienced cyclists and even then has a higher than average risk level due to blind corners, extensive double white lines and volume of traffic. (Part of this road is an official cycle route, hence the number of cyclists on it, especially at the weekend.)

Wildlife Corridor/Environment.

The plan needs further development in this regard. Further meeting needed.

Bus Travel

We need to make sure that all statements about the buses make clear there is no scheduled public bus service, just a limited volunteer based service catering for a limited number of people and of no use for work or recreation journeys.  This is important in terms of the viability of the villages and access to employment, especially for the young.

Rural Industry

We need to add in an aspiration that agricultural land management is done to high standards with field boundary set-aside, maintaining public footpaths, hedge and tree management all encouraged as a part of the working use of rural land.

Principle of improvement/betterment

The team want the Plan to incorporate the principle that all change must improve the environment and character of the area – a principle of ‘net-gain’.

Off Street Parking Guidelines

These need to be added.

Electric Charging points

Guidance on this this needs to be included


The Vision statement needs to be updated to include the principle of ‘net-gain’ and other points discussed.

Green Spaces

This section needs further work with the consultant to understand what we include can include under National Planning Policy Framework guidance

Other Green Spaces

Here the community aspirations for management and development need to be made clearer.

 Village Separation

It is imperative that the principle of keeping distinct settlements is stated and that the small wedges are defined in the plan as key areas of village separation essential to maintain the character of the three main communities.


This does not yet properly reflect advice that we were given and policy agreed and is lacking some key design principles. Further work is needed to make sure this is correct in next draft.

Housing Tenure

This was discussed. Imposing  conditions on developers so that affordable housing does not get sold into the general market place would be desirable, but it seems to be something which is not suitable for inclusion in a neighbourhood  plan.


Need changes to clearly credit Upper Nene Archaeological Society, and Maureen Williams.

Need a policy to enforce proper archaeological pre-check before development takes place.

Longland Meadow

Even though this seems to be the only green space the consultant agrees is one by NPPF definition the evidence for its importance is not included in the document.

Carbon Neutrality

We need to encourage this as an aspiration for all development and re-development. If houses have a forty year design life then what is built now will still be there after 2050 when we are supposed to have become carbon neutral. The more neutral it is from start the less carbon will be used in updating, when gas boilers are banned for example.

Next Steps

Need step is to feedback to Michael and ask for a new draft.

Next Meeting

Committee meeting on the 12th August

Agenda for Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee



Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford

Clerk:- G Wells


Clerk:- Gill Wells  7th August 2019

Monday 12th August 2019, 7.00pm in the Liz Harrison Room, Hackleton Village Hall

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Apologies – Members are asked to formally receive and approve apologies.


Declarations of Interest.


Minutes of the Meeting 15th July 2019.


Matters Arising and brief updates since previous meeting / informal meeting reviews.

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Members are asked to consider and approve requirements associated with the following:-

·         Review of draft plan & requirements;

·         Report from Consultant and requirements;

·         Consultation Procedures & timelines;

·         Budget and grant update and review.  

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Date of next formal meeting – Monday 9th September 2019