Working Group Meeting 5th July 2019

Attendees: Cllr Roy Hawkesford (Chair), Carol Lloyd, Maz Woolley (Notetaker)

Apologies: Cllr Jo Willmer

1 CL will finish the Archaelogical work by 15th subject to finally getting an electronic copy of the report created by the Friendship-Taylors. CL to obtain the electronic report
2 Following Michael’s questions from this point:

Boundary treatments, Frontages. Needs description and photographs to illustrate and use of stats from village walks to illustrate.

CL to look at Horton, MW to look at Piddington. Once complete we can then look at doing Hackleton.
3 Windows, doors and materials. SNC design guide provides information on local characteristics. Overlaps Architectural details question. Needs SNC guide info plus, photos, plus stats on use of materials in spreadsheet. MW to provide charts from spreadsheet, analyse information in SNC guide and extract for use.
4 Open Spaces Information provided
5 Trees, some information gathered and some on the Village Design guide maps. Quick Village walks needed to identify any trees not included and photos taken. Not allocated at this time.
6 Landscaping. Not believed to be relevant. RH to seek Clarification from Michael on what Landscaping means.
7 Pie charts needed to support Housing related assertions. MW to produce some charts and to discuss with Roy when going through housing photos
8 Poor features.

1.       Previous expansions took little regard of local styles, materials and character. Overuse of London Brick.

2.       Extensions and other modifications often out of sympathy with the base building or other buildings in the area.

3.       Regimented lines rather than organic curves.

MW and RH to identify examples from photos.

MW has completed Piddington

MW will complete Horton as few views from village identified by SNC

MW will do 8 views from Hackleton and complete document

MW to complete Horton asap and pass Horton and Piddington to Michael. MW will do Hackleton  later but may not be by 15th
10 Views to Settings across Parish.

MW has done most of Piddington Views, and has several others ready but needs to take a couple more pictures. The overview map also needs to be totally redone.

MW to complete. Will aim for 15th if possible.
11 Preston Deanery.

Needs some photos to illustrate nature of hamlet

MW to take some photographs but this will be after other tasks are completed.
12 Next steps. Decided that we shall aim to get as much complete by the 15th and passed to Michael for him to produce a first draft which should:

1.       Allow us to identify where we don’t feel plan goes far enough

2.       Allows Michael to identify where we need to provide further information.

All to review where we are on 15th and pass our brief on to Michael.
13 Meetings:

MW and CL 7:30PM 8th July to go over Historical photos and identify any missing

RH and MW to go over photos to illustrate Housing and related items Wed 10th July at 10:00.



14 MW to review spreadsheets and look at information they provide to illustrate points MW