Community Day Display

The Neighbourhood Plan team were there at Longland Meadow for the Community Day on Saturday 20th July 2019. Our thanks to Godfrey Tobutt and the Village Hall for providing us with space in their marquee and the laon of boards to display our information.

It was a good chance to make information available to anyone who wanted to talk about the Local Plan and for the team to meet and have a chat in the meadow with members of our community.

Carol shows off the display

We are hoping that by the time of our next display we will have a draft plan for consultation. Getting that completed and reviewed is our current focus.

Steering Group Meeting June 2019


Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee

Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford

Clerk:- G Wells



Hackleton Parish Council

Date:- 24th June 2019

Time:- 7.00pm

Venue:- Liz Harrison Room – Hackleton Village Hall


Cllr R Hawkesford (Chair)

Cllr Willmer

M Woolley

C Lloyd


Apologies / Absences:-

G Youens


The Clerk


Item No.



Election of Chair – Motion Agreed:- Cllr R Hawkesford was elected to the position of Chair.


Election of Vice Chair – Motion Agreed:- Maz Woolley was elected to the position of Vice Chair.


Apologies – Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that apologies and the reasons for absence, received from Gary Youens, be approved.  


Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the Meeting 13th May 2019 – Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting 13th May 2019 be approved.


Terms of Reference for review and recommendation to Hackleton Parish Council for approval – Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that the terms of reference be amended to reflect the work and requirements of the Committee in order to deliver the plan on behalf of the Parish Council. The revised terms of reference would be forwarded to Full Council for approval.


Matters Arising and brief updates since previous meeting – There were no matters arising to report.

Item No.



Progress report & next actions – Members considered the following:- outstanding requirements / information; timelines to complete any outstanding requirements / gather information; items to be forwarded to consultant; consultation requirements; next steps and delegation of actions as required.

Members considered the response from Michael Wellock, Kirkwells, and in particular the requirement to add to policies boundary treatments. Discussion regarding boundaries ensued and, whilst it was recognised that each area was unique e.g. Hackleton and Horton had more open frontages and wide verges Piddington did not each area should retain those elements. The Committee agreed that with regard to new development open frontages was generally supported.

Carol Lloyd addressed the Committee and provided maps on which key landmarks (including ridge and furrow fields) and historic buildings had been identified. The maps would be submitted to the consultant along with a written statement supporting the locations identified.

With regard open spaces identified and areas that the Parish Council would like transferred into their ownership as part of the Northamptonshire Local Government Reorganisation, Members agreed that as this work was commencing and unlikely to be complete by the time the plan was made these sites would be referred to as aspirations, that is, the Parish Council aspired to take over ownership of the identified open spaces and therefore maintenance, management and protection of those areas. Work was still required on wedges which was not quite the same as open spaces as these areas could not lose their function as areas of separation between the villages. With reference to works completed on green spaces / open spaces and aspiration this would be submitted to the consultant for comment and recommendation.  

Members agreed that they would refer to the Northamptonshire Design Guide with regard style and materials preferred in future development and would lift information where relevant. The aspiration being to follow the best rather than the worst development in an area. Photos would be used to express ideology. Brick type would be in keeping with surroundings and would be particular to each area as there was a diverse range of style within each village. Maz Woolley had compiled spreadsheets for each village detailing the style, type, period, number, detached, semi detached, material, roof style of housing to name but just a few.  Members considered that it would be useful to publish this visually e.g. as a pie chart, in the plan.

Members were also aware that work to identify which photos would need to be included in the plan was paramount and urgently required as evidence to support documentation and statements was required.  

Michael Wellock had also expressed the need to include ‘poor’ features in the plan e.g. whether choices made in the past were correct and if not why not and what the plan would change about this – with this in mind Members discussed driveways and agreed pebble was not always a suitable option but agreed permeable, stable, and non-moving driveways would be supported.

It was proposed that the next meeting with Michael Wellock comprise a workshop session prior to the formal meeting, to run through requirements.

The Clerk was requested to write to Michael Wellock requesting an up to date breakdown of costs to date to ensure the Committee was within budget and allocated grant monies.

The Committee agreed to man a stand at the forthcoming Celebration Day Event 20th July 2019 and community event 28th September 2019, which would form part of the ongoing consultation.

Item No.



Date of next formal meeting – Monday 15th July 2019

Date of next informal working party – Friday 5th July 2019.

Agenda for Steering Group Meeting on the 15th July



Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford

Clerk:- G Wells


Clerk:- Gill Wells                                                                                                                                                                     9th July 2019


 Monday 15th July 2019, 7.00pm in the Liz Harrison Room, Hackleton Village Hall

Item No.



Apologies – Members are asked to formally receive and approve apologies.


Declarations of Interest.


Minutes of the Meeting 24th June 2019.


Matter Arising and brief updates since previous meeting.

Item No.



Members are asked to consider the following:-

·         Working Group Meeting Report & Actions;

·         Consultants comments and requirements based on work submitted to date;

·         Budget / costs to date and grant funding requirements;

·         Hackleton representation on the Committee.  

Item No.



Date of next formal meeting – Monday 12th August 2019  


Chairman’s Report to Parish Council July 2019

Neighbourhood Plan – Update, July 2019

Work on the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) has been progressing at a more rapid pace recently, with the steering group members working to specific targets set by consultant, Michael Wellock. Much of this work is very detailed, gathering and evaluating information and photographs to inform Policies and to provide evidence for the appendices. Meanwhile the consultant is busy turning our work into the substance of the Plan itself.

An example of the work that the steering group has been undertaking is in the assessment of every property in the three villages – some 720 in all – in terms of history, architecture, materials, environment, landscape features; also the types of housing in each village, the way the villages have evolved and what kind of features and characteristics should inform a Policy on Design. This is not the simplest of tasks, as our villages are not typical of bijou or boutique single style villages. Our villages have evolved in a functional way, with housing taking place in the form of small housing estates, council housing as well as infill and small clusters of generically similar buildings. In short, we have many styles – some fine Grade II listed buildings and some handsome modern buildings.

Our analysis has revealed many differences – as well as similarities – between the villages, and these have been captured in maps, charts and photographic evidence. This has been one aspect of our work, but a significant one, in that our derived polices on Design will determine the nature of any future developments in the parish.

We have also being doing research into environmental aspects of the parish, including biodiversity, archaeology, important aspects of landscape, green spaces, village separation, wildlife and features such as ridge-and-furrow fields – as well as significant non-listed buildings and features.

You may be wondering why no mention has been made of Preston Deanery and Wootton St George’s Fields. This is because Preston Deanery is described as a ‘hamlet’ and lies in ‘open countryside’; as such it is protected by South Northants Council Local Plan Part 2 policies. Wootton St George’s Fields, while part of Hackleton Parish, comes under the Northampton Related Development Area (NRDA) and is not included in our Plan. (This situation will change, of course, when SNC and Northampton Borough Council become a Unitary Council, with Daventry District Council.)

I would like to point out that the steering group – and the Parish Council as a whole – is very much committed to the well being of all people in the parish, and the Plan will reflect this. We hope that the delivery of the new Parish Mag to every household in the parish is a demonstration of that commitment.

We hope to produce a draft plan for consultation in the near future, more than three years after the decision to embark on the Plan.

Roy Hawkesford

Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Working Group Meeting 5th July 2019

Attendees: Cllr Roy Hawkesford (Chair), Carol Lloyd, Maz Woolley (Notetaker)

Apologies: Cllr Jo Willmer

1 CL will finish the Archaelogical work by 15th subject to finally getting an electronic copy of the report created by the Friendship-Taylors. CL to obtain the electronic report
2 Following Michael’s questions from this point:

Boundary treatments, Frontages. Needs description and photographs to illustrate and use of stats from village walks to illustrate.

CL to look at Horton, MW to look at Piddington. Once complete we can then look at doing Hackleton.
3 Windows, doors and materials. SNC design guide provides information on local characteristics. Overlaps Architectural details question. Needs SNC guide info plus, photos, plus stats on use of materials in spreadsheet. MW to provide charts from spreadsheet, analyse information in SNC guide and extract for use.
4 Open Spaces Information provided
5 Trees, some information gathered and some on the Village Design guide maps. Quick Village walks needed to identify any trees not included and photos taken. Not allocated at this time.
6 Landscaping. Not believed to be relevant. RH to seek Clarification from Michael on what Landscaping means.
7 Pie charts needed to support Housing related assertions. MW to produce some charts and to discuss with Roy when going through housing photos
8 Poor features.

1.       Previous expansions took little regard of local styles, materials and character. Overuse of London Brick.

2.       Extensions and other modifications often out of sympathy with the base building or other buildings in the area.

3.       Regimented lines rather than organic curves.

MW and RH to identify examples from photos.

MW has completed Piddington

MW will complete Horton as few views from village identified by SNC

MW will do 8 views from Hackleton and complete document

MW to complete Horton asap and pass Horton and Piddington to Michael. MW will do Hackleton  later but may not be by 15th
10 Views to Settings across Parish.

MW has done most of Piddington Views, and has several others ready but needs to take a couple more pictures. The overview map also needs to be totally redone.

MW to complete. Will aim for 15th if possible.
11 Preston Deanery.

Needs some photos to illustrate nature of hamlet

MW to take some photographs but this will be after other tasks are completed.
12 Next steps. Decided that we shall aim to get as much complete by the 15th and passed to Michael for him to produce a first draft which should:

1.       Allow us to identify where we don’t feel plan goes far enough

2.       Allows Michael to identify where we need to provide further information.

All to review where we are on 15th and pass our brief on to Michael.
13 Meetings:

MW and CL 7:30PM 8th July to go over Historical photos and identify any missing

RH and MW to go over photos to illustrate Housing and related items Wed 10th July at 10:00.



14 MW to review spreadsheets and look at information they provide to illustrate points MW