Working Group Meeting – 31/5/2019

Attendees: Cllr Roy Hawkesford (Chair), Carol Lloyd, Cllr Jo Willmer, Maz Woolley (Notetaker)

Location: Cllr Hawkesford’s house

  1. Meeting started at c.13:30
  2. Discussion of a scheme in Cambridgeshire where occupation of affordable housing was limited to 5 years and 20% of rent paid is saved for tenant to assist them finding a new residence at end of lease. (BBC You and Yours Friday 31st May). Generally agreed that working with developers to put in creative and permanent affordable schemes would be desirable, though we need advice from our consultant on what can be done at a policy level.
  3. Discussion of implications of recent Rotherthorpe planning appeal discussed: The 12 year land supply of SNC was challenged by developer and under new National Planning rules inspector ruled that much of the 12 years supply does not meet the Government’s latest criteria as some big schemes are a considerable way of having committed development in place. This could affect us as the extensions to Northampton are way behind being built so developers may seek to suggest that land in our area should be developed quickly to meet that need. However, the Inspector ruled that a lack of public transport and roads to Northampton unsuited to walking or cycling meant it was not appropriate development – a situation which applies to our parish to and which we hope we could use to ward of developments.
  4. RH fed back that he had not had any more contact with our Consultant or Jennie Johnson at SNC.
  5. It was confirmed that CL had sent work on historic buildings etc to our Consultant
  6. RH showed his maps marking green spaces. These will be passed to our Consultant. It was agreed that small areas identified by the Parish Council green spaces working party may be incorporated as ‘community ambitions’ but would not qualify under definition of green spaces in planning terms. Again, an area where our consultant can advise. Village Separation areas will be marked up on maps again and the views work updated and sent to our Consultant. These will probably need to be treated slightly differently in plan to public open spaces but if we provide information our consultant can incorporate the material appropriately in the draft plan.
  7. MW showed the maps he had done showing buildings around the three villages marked in period bandings. It was agreed that the maps supported the view that the villages grew hugely at specific periods and that the historic cores, even allowing for some demolition, were small until after the Second World War.
  8. MW informed meeting that to extract further information to support the housing characteristics work he had first to type all the survey forms into spreadsheets for each village. He is aiming to get this input by June 10th though analysis will continue beyond that date and others may wish to take part in that.
  9. The SNC Building guidelines were discussed and it was agreed that key features on building materials, window types, building height etc. needs to be built into our plan as policies to make it mandatory and not advisory. This was not allocated at this point and Consultant advice may be needed.
  10. A discussion on environmentally important features for new dwellings took place. The following were identified as key: Swales for water management, permeable surfaces not just for drives but for footpaths and other surfaces. The low level of solar panels on our street walks was noted and we need to discuss with consultant how policies encouraging environmentally friendly and low carbon use can be incorporated into the plan.
  11. A timetable for our work was discussed and we are aiming to get outstanding evidence etc to our Consultant by June 10th , next full meeting, which will hopefully allow him to get a revised and reworked draft plan to us by the following full meeting which needs to incorporate our work to date and clearly identify any supporting evidence that needs to be further developed before draft can start regulation consultation. Once we have this we can review document, and comment on any issues or questions we have, as well as putting the work in hand to address any missing evidence.

Meeting ended at 16:00

June Update

Our latest Steering Group Meeting was held on the 24th of June and minutes will be posted after they are approved at the next meeting. 

The meeting discussed the Clerk’s recommendation that we formalise the status of the team working on the neighbourhood plan. To do this we need to be a Committee working to the Parish Council. This would give the group the authority for independent decision making, and budget management, whereas technically Steering Groups can only advise a Parish Council. The Clerk is to present recommendations on the appropriate organisational steps needed.

To start this process off the Chair and Deputy for the Committee were proposed and seconded.

Chair:     Cllr Roy Hawkesford 

Deputy: Maz Woolley

The remainder of the meeting considered a set of questions from our Consultant. It was decided that these need to be worked on at our next working party meeting on the 5th July. Some of the points were discussed and sources of inspiration, like the SNC Design Guide, identified.

Carol Lloyd handed over a set of marked up maps with historical information on them so that they can be scanned and passed to Michael, our Consultant.

Maz Woolley showed that all the data from the walks has been input into individual spreadsheets for Hackleton, Horton, and Piddington. A set of analysis has then been done. This information backs up the Characteristics work that Roy Hawkesford has been doing. The next step is to decide what information, and in what format needs to be gathered from these sheets to illustrate Roy’s work. Again a matter for a working party meeting.

Work on views, protected settings and village separation all need to be updated and passed to the consultant again. 

We are still aiming at a completion of the initial draft plan and initiation of consultations over the summer months.

Next Meeting

Our next formal steering group meeting is on Monday 15th July at Hackleton Village Hall . Time to be announced.

Steering Group Minutes May 2019



Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford

Clerk:- G Wells



Hackleton Parish Council

Date:- 13th May 2019

Time:- 7.30pm

Venue:- Liz Harrison Room – Hackleton Village Hall


Cllr R Hawkesford (Chair)

Cllr Willmer

M Woolley

C Lloyd

Apologies / Absences:-

G Youens


The Clerk


Item No.



Apologies – There were no apologies.


Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the Meeting 8th April 2019 – Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting 8th April 2019 be approved.


Matter Arising and brief updates since previous meeting – As the deadline for submission for publication in NNPulse were due C Lloyd would contact all members asking for their input. The article would focus on the preparation of the draft plan and the forthcoming consultation. Advertising / publicity would be a standing item on all agendas in future.

Item No.



Grant Update – It was confirmed that Groundworks had approved the unspent grant funds being retained by the Parish Council for the expenditure designated within the terms and conditions of the grant provider.


Green Spaces – Members agreed that the consultant would be asked to check the list of identified green spaces and village separation areas to ensure they were relevant and fitted the criteria in terms of geographical terms and the retention of character. Additional green spaces were suggested, for example, the green at the top of Carey Road and the land at the bottom of Carey Road alongside the B526, as well as the green land between The Banks and B526. Moreover, areas in New Hackleton would be considered. Sites would be identified on maps and justification for each location given.  


Village Character – Housing type and context for each village had been written but needed to be identified on maps with cross referencing to photographs. R Hawkesford was in the process of writing up background and historic information and it was proposed that colour coding on maps to identify the housing type and period would be useful.


Environmental Issues – Work completed to date on environmental issues had been forwarded to the consultant whose response had been positive. Maps were now required and the consultant would advise if further information was necessary. Evidence would be included in the appendices of the plan.


Re-cap of draft plan requirements and next steps / actions including open event details / planning. Members agreed that whilst a lot of work had been completed there was still much to do to meet the proposed timetable suggested by the consultant which was to have a draft plan ready for consultation over the summer months. The consultant would put together the policies and appendices based on the information collated and provided by the steering group. Members ran through the plan requirements / headings and confirmed where work was still needed. Archaeological data was still required although members felt this could be obtained via contacts in the village and the museum as well as data from SNC regarding the identified sites.

Item No.



Date of next informal meeting – 31st May 2019

Date of next formal meeting – Monday 10th June 2019  

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Agenda June 2019



Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford

Clerk:- G Wells


Issued by Clerk 18th June 2019

Monday 24th June 2019, 7.00pm in the Liz Harrison Room, Hackleton Village Hall

NP/01/06/19 Election of Chair
NP/02/06/19 Election of Vice Chair
NP/03/06/19 Apologies – Members are asked to formally receive and approve apologies.
NP/04/06/19 Declarations of Interest.
NP/05/06/19 Minutes of the Meeting 13th May 2019.
NP/07/06/19 Terms of Reference for review and recommendation to Hackleton Parish Council for approval.
NP/08/06/19 Matter Arising and brief updates since previous meeting.
NP/09/06/19 Progress report & next actions:-

·         To consider outstanding requirements / information;

·         To consider timelines to complete any outstanding requirements / gather information;

·         To consider and approve items to be forwarded to consultant;

·         To consider and approve consultation requirements;

·         To agree next steps and delegate actions as required.

NP/10/06/19 Date of next formal meeting – Monday 8th July 2019