Neighbourhood Plan Report April 2019

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – Neighbourhood Plan

APRIL 2019

Following a productive meeting with Michael Wellock, our consultant, things have started to move towards the next stage. Stage 2 has lasted a long time, but we were told at the outset that that would be the case. Fortunately, we have a strong core of Steering Group members who are working hard to produce the evidence for policies that will form the basis of the Draft Plan.

We have been gathering evidence on the housing types in each village, describing and taking photographs of each style. Work has also been done to plot biodiversity and we are anticipating an archaeology report very soon. The intention is to meet a timeline laid down by our consultant, the first stage of which is to furnish him with our work so that he can use it to produce the next Draft by mid-May.

Hopefully then, by the end of May, this Draft Plan will go forward for informal consultation for a period of three weeks.  The purpose of this is to get feedback from all appropriate organisations, following which – by the end of June – the Plan will be revised. Then, in July/August, the Plan will submitted for formal Regulation 14 consultation, which will take a minimum of six weeks. Finally, the Plan will be submitted to SNC and the (public) referendum will take place.

That is, of course, if everything goes to plan!  The steering group is meeting again on April 26th to review our work and to start feeding it through to our consultant. At the Draft Plan stage, the public will be able to see the draft and to comment on it. Regarding the allocation of sites, we present them with maps, the rationale and a summary of the pros and cons of each one, enabling the public to make informed comments. How we do this has yet to be arranged. (We trust that it will NOT resemble the Brexit process in any way! Though the final referendum will be a straight yes or no to the Plan, with 51% required for it to be ‘Made’)

Generally, the threat to any Plan comes from contentious housing proposals. Whatever we decide will be in keeping with the views expressed at our public event last June and the evidence of our external, advisory assessments; they will provide the rationale which we will present to the public.

Housing, though potentially – but not necessarily – contentious, is just one part of the final Plan. We hope to demonstrate to the community what a great parish they live in, one they can be proud of and continue to enjoy beyond the duration of the Plan.

Roy Hawkesford

March 2019

Steering Group Minutes – March 2019



Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford

Clerk:- G Wells




Hackleton Parish Council

Date:- 4th March 2019

Time:- 7.00pm

Venue:- Liz Harrison Room – Hackleton Village Hall


Cllr R Hawkesford (Chair)

Cllr Willmer

M Woolley

C Lloyd


Cllr Charteress


The Clerk

Michael Wellock – Kirkwells Consultantancy


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Apologies – Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that apologies received from Cllr Charteress be approved.  


Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes of the Meeting 11th February 2019 – Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting 11th February 2019 be approved as an accurate reflection of that meeting.

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Draft Plan – update / requirements / & actions – Members discussed the use of information and material in the plan; the Larkfleet Homes Inquiry, and the impact this could have on the Neighbourhood Plan content and process. The SNC Local Plan Part 2 had been submitted (but was not yet approved) and Members discussed whether the village actually required sites for development given SNC had met their housing requirements. Nevertheless, to remain sustainable Members considered that the plan should consider the identification of sites within the village confines, for possible future development. The needs of the community was raised, that is, the need for starter homes and affordable homes, as identified at the June 2018 public consultation event. Options were considered:-

1. To delay the plan until the outcome of the Larkfleet Homes Inquiry was known;

2. To support the SNC local plan that development outside the village confines should be prevented;

3. Or, to continue with the preparation of the plan and identify and allocate sites for possible future development (in a phased manner) and accept that the Larkfleet Homes Inquiry may be upheld.

Members agreed an ‘emerging’ Neighbourhood Plan held little weight in planning terms.

  1. The concern with the Larkfleet Homes application was that there was no control over the type of the housing type and affordability. After extensive discussion and advice from the Kirkwells Consultant, Michael Wellock, the Steering Group resolved:-

Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that 1. The plan would define any type of housing required in the parish by considering local need; 2. Some development would be allowed for in the plan by identifying appropriate sites and local need to enable sustainability; 3. That the plan preparation would progress as previously and that any information compiled to date would be forwarded to the Consultant Michael Wellock for review and organisation. Moreover, Mr Wellock would forward the criteria for the definition of open spaces and green spaces as it was necessary to identify that any spaces met the criteria; 4. That a public consultation would take place when the draft plan was ready for inspection; 5. That the Parish Council would formally consider what information would be used in the plan and whether to accept or reject any recommendations received; 6. That a timetable would be produced for the progress of the plan; 7. That the Grant approval conditions be considered and looked into.

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Date of next meeting – Monday 8th April 2019