Steering Group Working Party Meeting – March 22nd 2019

Meeting: HPNP Working Group

Date: 22nd March 2019
Attendees: Cllr Roy Hawkesford, Cllr Jo Willmer, Maz Woolley (Notetaker)
Apologies: Carol Lloyd

Brief Notes:

  1. Roy informed us that the Parish Council had considered the summaries of recommendations from the Planning Consultants and discussed the way that the working party wished to proceed and approved our continuing to work on the current lines.
  2. Roy commented on the circulated feedback from Michael on our approach and a discussion was held on how best we proceed given the outstanding planning inquiry on Larkfleet’s planning application. This primarily revolved around:
    • What the impact this would have on our current thinking should the Inspector allow the appeal by Larkfleet at the inquiry which would effectively reduce the need for further housing over the plan period
    • At what point should we aim at to submit the plan to the approval by interested bodies as we would not wish to have to withdraw and modify it if the Larkfleet inquiry approved housing development and we have to change our site allocation policy
  3. It was agreed that we should proceed with our current approach and Roy agreed to contact Michael to discuss when we should aim to be ready for regulation 14 reviews by public bodies. ACTION: Roy
  4. Jo and Maz reported on the small trial they made of the forms for ‘walking the villages’ It was agreed that they were fundamentally sound and had plenty of space for additional notes. Jo and Maz to arrange a date to continue with Piddington next week. After that Horton can be scheduled. ACTION: Jo and Maz
  5. The function of the village walks was discussed and it was agreed that the walks should address all the elements of character in the area. Buildings, trees, green /open spaces, water features, environmental features, historic assets. These can all be entered on templates Maz has created although water does not have a specific template for example. The presentation of this information would largely be in the form of maps showing key features and keyed to explain their importance and character maps showing building type groups which would expand on the notes in the conservation area assessments done by SNC.
  6. The fact that we currently have no representatives from Hackleton or Preston Deanery on the steering group was discussed again.  It was decided that before the plan is taken to any public consultation we will ask Hackleton representatives on the Parish Council if they would do a deep read and comment on the plan. We will also contact people in Preston Deanery who have offered help in the past.  ACTION: Roy
  7. Maz has yet to have any formal feedback from Michael on the first pass of Traffic and Employment policies so does not know if that is now finished for the moment or if further work is needed. ACTION: Roy to discuss with Michael.
  8. A discussion was held on the correct way to approach the environmental elements of the plan. Jo indicated that we had a lot of backing material but questioned how we use it in the plan. It was agreed that we refer to key sections of the material and extract what is needed to back up our policies only. It was agreed that a lot of the information could be recorded as writing on maps which would then be turned into proper maps by Michael. ACTION: Jo
  9. Roy has obtained large scale maps with footpaths and bridleways marked on them. Discussions were held about whether there were additional views and protected settings that needed to be taken into account. Two additional views were recommended for photographing. ACTION: Maz