Steering Group Working Party Meeting December 2018

Meeting Notes: Maz Woolley

Attendees: Roy Hawkesford, Carol Lloyd, Jo Willmer, Maz Woolley

Meeting Held: 13:00 21st December Chairman’s House

  1. HNA and Site Survey. RH reported that he still awaits final site survey and amended HNA draft. Both now expected after Christmas/New Year Holidays.
  2. Presentation to public discussed.
    • Presentation should focus on telling people suggested sites and Housing Need and eliciting their response – strapline could be “What the Professionals tell us, Now tell us what you think” or similar
    • Would like a week with information display up for reading and a card available for people to write comments and drop in a box for later review
    • February Half Term identified as a possible week as play group believed not to be using hall
    • Fold out banners condensing the advice, sites, and where display is could be used and perhaps Church, Hall and others could display them at points leading up to display
  3. Meeting recording was discussed. There needs to be a monthly meeting to record ratification of work undertaken and to allocate new tasks as well as to give people an option to make opinion known. It is not thought that these necessarily needed the Clerk to attend. However the Clerk still needs to check minutes are clear and to record/store them as part of the Parish Records and to advise as required. The Clerk would also remain as the first public point of contact.
  4. Meeting pattern was confirmed as a monthly meeting to formally record progress and allocate work etc. With meetings and work dome in between to develop the plan
  5. Plan structure was discussed an the existing draft looked at. People were keen not to overthink the work, but at the same time a consistent structure is needed to allow further work. It was concluded that there were a number of questions that needed answering by Michael before work continued and MW agreed to email Michael with the questions.
  6. RH to pass questions and draft to Ellie for her input at a future meeting
  7. At next meeting we hope that we will have feedback on structure and we can then allocate a policy area to each member able to spend some time on detailed work. The aim will be to try to develop the policy area from context through aims, objectives, to lists of specific policies. Along the way questions and need for evidence could be gathered.
  8. Once we have driven down several policy areas the work could be passed to Michael to create a new version of the draft plan and work could then be completed on evidence and policy areas as yet untackled.

Meeting ended at 15:00

Seasons Greetings

The Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Steering Group would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It will be a busy New Year for us as we expect the revised Housing Needs Analysis to be passed to us and consideration of specific sites to begin. 

Latest News December 2018

Latest News!

Our latest group meeting was held on Monday 10th December. Formal minutes will follow but the key subject for discussion was again feedback from the Chairman on the current situation on the Locality commissioned  Housing Needs Analysis and Site Review. We now have the draft Site Review but are still waiting for the Housing Needs Analysis as this is currently being revised for release of the final draft following comments by our other consultants. We hope to receive the revised draft before the start of 2019.

We looked at the structure of the plan and looked at how we can progress the work. A workflow chart was discussed and the next tasks allocated. A meeting will be held on December 21st to review how our plan will be structured and to complete the aims and objectives sections of the plan for review.

The meeting confirmed an intention to consult the parish again in 2019 when the Housing needs are clear and the potential sites established.  In the meantime the Chair of the committee will be organising contacts with the agents/owners of sites identified in the Locality study as suitable for development.

Steering Committee Minutes – November 2018



Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford

Clerk:- G Wells


Date:- 12th November 2018 Time:- 7.00pm Venue:- Liz Harrison Room – Hackleton Village Hall

Cllr R Hawkesford (Chair)

G Youens

M Woolley

C Lloyd


Cllr Charteress

Cllr Ward

Cllr Willmer

The Clerk
NP/01/11/18 Apologies Received from Cllrs Charteress, Willmer & Ward.
NP/02/11/18 Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.
NP/03/11/18 Minutes of the Meeting 8th October 2018 – The minutes of the meeting 8th October were agreed as an accurate reflection of that meeting.
NP/04/11/18 Chairs Report – Cllr Hawkesford highlighted the need to communicate and engage with the community regarding the plan and proposals, especially given the forthcoming loss of the Forum magazine. The website viewing figures would be looked at and the group was advised that the Parish Council would be considering producing a newsletter at its upcoming meeting. Cllr Hawkesford and Maz Woolley advised that they had met with Ellie Gingell (South Northants Council) which had proved a very useful and positive discussion. Ellie had supplied information to Locality to assist with the Housing Needs Assessment study and had given advice on what to include in the plan.
NP/05/11/18 Housing Needs Assessment update and requirements – Group Members were advised that, whilst information had been provided to Locality who were carrying out research on behalf of the group, no report had been received to date.
NP/06/11/18 Site Assessment update and requirements – Cllr Hawkesford commented that he had met with the representative from Locality carrying out the research and they had considered sites deemed both suitable and unsuitable for future development – a report with recommendations was awaited. Concern was raised about the imminent loss of the bus service and the impact on each of the villages designation status as well as effect on possible identified development sites.
NP/07/11/18 Green Spaces / Green Wedges update and requirements – Members were advised that it was paramount that green spaces (areas of land open to the public) were clearly identified to prevent possible development. Members of the group considered possible areas that could be designated as green spaces and a village green was thought to be a good idea. Green spaces could be relatively small, compact areas. It was agreed that Members would consider the following areas:-

Gary Youens – Wootton area of the Parish;

Carol Lloyd & Roy Hawkesford – Horton;

Roy Hawkesford – Hackleton;

Maz Woolley – Piddington.

Green Wedges had initially been identified in two areas of the parish which would aid in preventing the villages merging and thereby aid in retaining the village characters.

NP/08/11/18 Review of draft plan, contents and requirements for consideration with consultant – Members reviewed requirements for the draft plan and a suggested timeline. Consideration was given to village views and a building survey study which was required. The building survey was deemed to be of significant importance as it would ensure the retention of each village character – to do this buildings would need to be categorised, for example – age; construction type; size; style. Moreover, the protected settings model, thus far carried out in Piddington, had been approved and the other areas would need to carry out the same study. Maz Woolley and Cllr Willmer had met and had created a top down plan of requirements which was circulated to those present. The plan revealed evidence work to be collated, or in the process of being collected. It was agreed that each community would require its own unique policies but common policies, for example, regarding housing would be put together initially. Aspirations were not planning matters but were an important aspect of the plan. An extract from Kislingbury Neighbourhood Plan was shared with Members of the group as an example of aims / goals.
NP/09/11/18 Timeline / Priorities and task management delegation to be agreed – Members agreed that policies would be written in plain English and that the Consultant would be asked to define and formulate these into robust planning statements. It was agreed that the next consultation involving public attendance would concentrate on the Housing Needs Assessment and Site Assessment reports and proposals. This would take place prior to the main consultation and referendum. Members agreed the plan needed to be pushed on and with this in mind it was decided that the December meeting of the group would complete the aims and objectives for the plan and consider the Housing Needs Assessment & Site Assessment reports which should have been received by then. All Members of the group would be required for this meeting and the Clerk was asked to request their attendance.
NP/10/11/18 Date of next meeting – Monday 10th December 2018.

The meeting concluded at 8.45pm.

Steering Group Chairman’s report to the Parish Council December 2018

This month’s report is relatively short. In fact – apart from work on biodiversity being carried out by Jo Willmer – the main thing to say is that by next month there will be quite a lot to report.

By end of December we should have the final versions of the Housing Needs Assessment and the Sites Assessment. These will form the basis of consultation with the owners or agents of the most suitable sites to ascertain availability, followed by consultation with the public to seek their views before we develop the Plan accordingly.

During themonth we have continued to provide information and consult with our consultant, Michael Wellock and with Ellie Gingell of SNC. The latter has scrutinised the drafts of the two Assessments and, between the three parties, we have sent amendments and comments to the people preparing the reports.

We have to bear in mind that the assessments are based on the period up to 2029. Projections of housing needs are even more difficult at this time owing to the problems caused by Brexit and the impending formation of the unitary councils. The situation regarding the houses in Wootton Fields/St Georges is still the white elephant in the room, but any projections at the current time will not take account of the NRDA. Assuming the merger of SNC, DDC and Northampton Borough goes ahead, there will no longer be a NRDA within SNC… Food for thought!

All we can do at the moment is develop our Plan in accordance with guidelines from the West Northants Joint Core Strategy (WNJCS), the SNC Local Plan and the updated National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). These provide the context of our emerging Plan.

At our next meeting, on Monday 10th December, the principal aims of the steering group will be to consider our action plan – who is going to do what and by when– and to agree the procedure on dealing with the two Assessments referred to above.

The only disappointing news this month is that Ellie Gingell has decided to move on at the end of January. She has offered to provide informal support after that, for which we will be grateful. She has provided considerable support and has provided momentum to what is, quite frankly, an onerous task. While she will be missed, she will tell us who will be her replacement – with regard to assisting us with the Plan – at SNC.

May I wish you a happy Christmas and all the best for 2019.

Roy Hawkesford

Agenda for Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group December 2018

Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford
Clerk:- G Wells

5th December 2018                                                                          Clerk:-


Monday 10th December 2018, 7.00pm in the Liz Harrison Room, Hackleton Village Hall

NP/01/12/18 Apologies – Members are asked to formally receive and approve apologies.
NP/02/12/18 Declarations of Interest.
NP/03/12/18 Minutes of the Meeting 12th November 2018
NP/04/12/18 Chairs Report
NP/05/12/18 Housing Needs Assessment & Sites Assessment update and requirements.
NP/06/12/18 Draft Plan Requirements & Action Plan.
NP/07/12/18 Date of next meeting – Monday 14th January 2019.