Steering Group Chairman’s report to the Parish Council November 2018

This month has been largely a preparation for receiving the Housing Needs and Sites Assessments. We hope to get both reports before the next Neighbourhood Plan meeting, which will give us something ‘concrete’ to work on. It is good practice to offer more sites than might be needed for the number of houses required, so that we can’t be seen to be uncooperative.

While the results of these assessments is not mandatory, clearly it would not make sense to dismiss the findings. Once we have had the opportunity to digest the information, we will contact landowners and/or agents to ascertain the availability of the sites. Following that, we will hold a public meeting where the plans will be available for public scrutiny and comment. We won’t be doing anything as wide-ranging as on June 2nd, though we will be prepared and will try to answer questions on any aspects of the Plan. We will take advantage of the Forum to publicise the public meeting, but we probably won’t leaflet every house – we assume that Forum, posters in the village and word-of-mouth will attract people.

While St George’s Field will not form part of the Plan, because it is part of the NRDA, we can nevertheless look at green spaces, general character and issues that affect wellbeing there. One of the steering group, Gary, who lives there, will hopefully undertake a survey for us that we can include in the Plan. I have written to three residents in Preston Deanery asking if they would be prepared to be involved in certain aspects of the Plan that relate to them, but, as yet, I have received no replies.

In the meantime, Maz has done some excellent work by preparing an action plan for providing evidence for the Plan and the tasks we need to do to ensure that the Plan reflects our parish and its constituent villages. We will be making general statements that relate to the whole parish and also statements about each individual village. For instance, we will examine the different kinds of building in each village, the purpose of which is to form a design statement that will advise all new buildings. We are also in the process of establishing views, which is a key part of the Plan as it determines what we would like conserve for the character of the villages and parish. This might not sound much, but it is an intensive task and one that aims to preserve local character.

We keenly await the Assessments, as they will determine how we proceed and will really take us to the next level of activity. Things will then move more quickly, we will have a definite focus, and all the elements will start to coalesce. Challenging but exciting times ahead!

Cllr Roy Hawkesford


Latest News November 13th 2018

Formal minutes of this meeting will be issued later. This post is to give a general update to the parish on the topics covered at the meeting. Don’t forget that if you wish to raise any issues then you may use our contact form or email


Our latest group meeting was held on Monday 12th November. Formal minutes will follow but the key subjects for discussion were feedback from the Chairman on the current situation on the Locality produced Housing Needs Analysis and Site Review. It appears that the completed draft site review should be with us by the next meeting but we are not currently sure when the the HNA will be sent to us.

We looked at progress on some of the areas where we need evidence to underpin the plan, and the suggestions arising from a meeting with Ellie Gingell of SNC Planning. A flowchart of how we can organise our current streams of work to get us to the draft plan next year was examined as was some suggestions of how we structure the work and our the next steps we need to take at the meeting in December.

A discussion was held about when the next consultation should take place and whether it should focus on key topics or on all the areas of the plan. No conclusion was reached at this point other than a consultation is needed before we draft up the final plan for consultation.

Once we get interim reports on sites and housing needs talks with Land Owners are likely to take place.

Steering Group Minutes October 2018

Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford
Clerk:- G Wells

Date:- 8th October 2018 Time:- 8.00pm Venue:- Liz Harrison Room – Hackleton Village Hall

Cllr R Hawkesford (Chair)
Cllr T Charteress
Cllr G Ward
Cllr J Willmer
G Youens
M Woolley
C Lloyd



The Clerk


NP/01/10/18 Apologies – There were no apologies to receive.
NP/02/10/18 Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.
NP/03/10/18 Minutes of the Meeting 10th September 2018 – Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting 10th September 2018 be approved and duly signed by the Chair.
NP/04/10/18 Chairs Report including activities, matters arising & updates – Covered on the agenda.
NP/05/10/18 Biodiversity / wildlife update and requirements – Cllr Willmer updated the meeting and advised that despite having instructed the wildlife trust to carry out the works nothing further had been received. Action Agreed:- Cllr Willmer would follow up and feed back.
NP/06/10/18 Buildings considered to be of historical importance update and requirements – Members discussed the need to justify any buildings / structures as being of importance to the Parish and the onerous responsibility / repercussions of identifying a structure due to potential restrictions once identified in the plan. Action Agreed:- It was agreed that Cllr Charteress would circulate the initial list of buildings deemed to be of historical importance to Members and would work with C Lloyd to identify other structures / buildings in the Parish. The group would consider policies as to why structures had been identified and controls.
NP/07/10/18 Views deemed to be of significant importance to the Parish update and requirements. Actions Agreed:- It was agreed that settings and views be identified by delegated Members in the respective villages. Settings and views would also be identified in the areas surrounding the NRDA developments and would form an appendix to the plan. It was agreed that the initial views and settings review carried out by M Woolley be forwarded to the consultant, M Wellock, to establish whether the process & outcome was correct before further work was carried out.
NP/08/10/18 Housing Needs Assessment update and requirements – There was no further update at this stage.
NP/09/10/18 Call for Sites & Site Assessment update and requirements – Cllr Hawkesford advised that a representative from Locality, engaged to carry out the Housing Needs Assessment and site assessment, would visit the Parish and carry out a survey. Members reviewed a plan indicating land which had been put forward as potential development sites in the previous call for sites.
NP/10/10/18 Sustainability update and requirements – To be deferred to the next meeting of the group.
NP/11/10/18 Green Spaces / Green Wedges update and requirements – Members were advised this was a high priority and would be discussed at the next meeting of the group.
NP/12/10/18 Review of draft plan, contents and requirements for consideration – To be deferred to the next meeting of the group.
NP/13/10/18 Timeline – Members were asked to consider a timeline and to delegate tasks to ensure timely delivery of information for insertion into the plan – To be deferred to the next meeting of the group.
NP/14/10/18 Consultant Requirements –To be deferred to the next meeting of the group.
NP/15/10/18 Date of next meeting – Monday 12th November 2018.

Approved 12th November 2018.

Agenda for NP Steering Group November 2018

Should you wish to raise any additional matters for discussion at the meeting, or if you wish to leave a comment, please send an email to the clerk at the address shown below.

Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford
Clerk:- G Wells

12th November 2018                                                                       Clerk:-

 Monday 12th November 2018, 7.00pm in the Liz Harrison Room, Hackleton Village Hall

NP/01/11/18 Apologies – Members are asked to formally receive and approve apologies.
NP/02/11/18 Declarations of Interest.
NP/03/11/18 Minutes of the Meeting 8th October 2018.
NP/04/11/18 Chairs Report including activities, matters arising & updates and report from meeting with Ellie Gingell, SNC.
NP/05/11/18 Housing Needs Assessment update and requirements.
NP/06/11/18 Site Assessment update and requirements.
NP/07/11/18 Green Spaces / Green Wedges update and requirements.
NP/08/11/18 Review of draft plan, contents and requirements for consideration with consultant.
NP/09/11/18 Timeline / Priorities and task management delegation to be agreed.
NP/10/11/18 Date of next meeting – Monday 10th December 2018.


Latest News – November 6th 2018

Our independent consultant provided by Locality to carry out site assessment visited the Parish at the end of October. He examined all the sites which have been put forward for development in the various calls for sites and also any where planning enquiries or applications have been made over the last few years. This involved examining the sites, taking photographs and copious notes. He will now return to base to complete the assessment work and will be sending us an interim report to consider in a few weeks time.

He has been working closely with Ellie Gingell of South Northants Council’s Planning Team and praised the support and assistance that she is providing to our Neighbourhood plan making efforts.

Meanwhile the independent consultants retained by Locality to carry out a housing needs assessment have been collecting detailed information on housing waiting lists, the SNC housing supply details, demeographics and all the things they need to calculate local housing need and our share of the overall SNC provision. We also hope to have their interim report shortly.

Whilst all this is going on the steering group continue to look at other aspects of the plan like biodiversity, important buildings and features, definitive characteristics of our village and countryside, and preserving its archaeology.

If you have any questions don’t forget we can be contacted at or by using the contact form on this site.