Steering Group Chairman’s Report to the Parish Council October 2018

Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Steering Group Update


Not so much to report this month. We have been furnishing the people doing the Housing Needs and Site Assessments with information they require, but there is nothing to report so far. We have a duty to reveal every site that has been put forward for possible development, so that we cannot be accused of concealing information from developers and the public. Once the Sites Assessment is complete we will have to ascertain from landowners which sites are still ‘live’. Then, when we have the results of the HNA we will have to come to a decision on which sites to present in our draft plan and to the public.

Alongside this we are looking at other aspects of the Plan, biodiversity, views, open spaces and wedges, and buildings (and other things) of special interest which are unlisted. These will have an impact on which sites we choose to present. At this point, it will be proper to make a presentation to the full parish council, to explain our thinking and receive your thoughts.

The big question hanging over everything at the moment – including those at SNC – is the unknown impact of reorganisation. And, beyond that, government can change the situation as it chooses. These are uncertain times, but the Neighbourhood Plan is the best defence we have – especially as those two massive sites between Wootton Fields and Preston Deanery could return once SNC is no longer in existence. I am of the opinion that future Unitary Council members from the Borough will find that area irresistible, despite massive highways, ecological, archaeological and infrastructure issues.

I would like to reiterate our stance, however, that the Plan is not a ‘nimby’ project; we are trying to provide a better future for the whole community of Hackleton Parish.

Roy Hawkesford
Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


Steering Group Minutes September 2018



Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford
Clerk:- G Wells


Date:- 13th August 2018 Time:- 7.30pm Venue:- Liz Harrison Room – Hackleton Village Hall

Cllr R Hawkesford (Chair)

G Youens

M Woolley


Cllr T Charteress

Cllr J Willmer

Cllr G Ward

Carol Lloyd

The Clerk


NP/01/09/18 Apologies – Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that apologies from Carol Lloyd; Tina Charteress; Jo Willmer and Guy Ward be received and approved. Members also acknowledged the stepping down of Anna Palmberg & Paul Streeter from the Steering Group.
NP/02/09/18 Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.
NP/03/09/18 Minutes of the Meeting 13th August 2018 – Motion Agreed:- It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting 13th August 2018 be agreed and be duly signed by the Chair.
NP/04/09/18 Matters arising & updates / actions in previous month – There were no matters arising to report that were not already covered under items on the agenda.
NP/05/09/18 Biodiversity / wildlife update – Members were apprised that the provision of biodiversity and wildlife data by the Wildlife Trust, and associated costs, had been approved by Full Council. The Wildlife Trust had confirmed that the data could be utilised in the Neighbourhood Plan.
NP/06/09/18 Buildings of historical importance review – In the absence of Tina Charteress those present concluded that further input and information would be awaited. Members were updated by Marius Woolley that he had carried out some research into protected views around Piddington and he concluded that given the legal definition of a protected view, in his opinion, the protected views should be looking inwards towards the village. It was agreed that further information  / advice was required and maps from the NCC GIS system would be considered. Further, that other areas within the Parish would require similar study and consideration with regard to protected views.
NP/07/09/18 Housing Needs Assessment update – Concern was raised that Locality were pushing for the site assessment ahead of, or at the same time as the Housing Needs Assessment. Roy Hawkesford commented that he had spoken to the assessors and had explained that SNC had their land supply as well as explaining the current situation regarding Local Government Reorganisation in Northamptonshire to the consultant at Locality. Members concluded that it was unlikely SNC would give a clear indication of housing need numbers in the Parish. Nevertheless, those present felt that there was a genuine need for affordable housing in the Parish, all be it that the definition of affordable was not clear.
NP/08/09/18 Call for Sites & Site Assessment update and requirements – It was agreed that it would be prudent for a new call for sites to ensure transparency and allow opportunity for new sites to be presented and considered as well as previously submitted sites to be withdrawn. Members referred to the SNC Guide to Neighbourhood Planning and the advice within with regard carrying out a call for sites as well as the assessment criteria. It was agreed rigorous procedures were required and advice would be needed from the Neighbourhood Planning Officer at SNC, Ellie Gingell, not least because it was imperative to ensure landowners were approached simultaneously. Members also discussed the lack of green space in the Parish as a whole and whilst it was acknowledged that there had been significant infill in the past and that SNC appeared to support this, it was important to identify wedges of land that would be protected in the village as green space to ensure natural boundaries were identified and retained.
NP/09/09/18 Next Actions – It was agreed:-  that a meeting would be arranged with the Neighbourhood Planning Officer at SNC, Ellie Gingell, with a view to gaining advice on the procedures required when gathering information for the plan; that at the October Steering Group Meeting procedures would be agreed on how to call for sites; that the Group would receive the Biodiversity information and agree how it should be identified within the plan; that Roy Hawkesford and Marius Woolley would meet informally to discuss the structure of the plan to ensure Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan was unique, and to drive the plan forwards.
NP/10/09/18 Date of next meeting – Monday 8th October 2018.

Agenda for NP Steering Group October 8th 2018

To help make the workings of the Steering Group open to all and to encourage comments from the parish  we will now publish the Agenda for each Neighbourhood Plan Meeting in advance. If you wish to make any comments please either use the contact page on our Neighbourhood Plan website or send an email to us at your comments can then be considered at the meeting.

Chair:- Cllr R Hawkesford
Clerk – G Wells

                3rd October 2018                                                                               Clerk:-

 Monday 8th October 2018, 8.00pm in the Liz Harrison Room, Hackleton Village Hall

NP/01/10/18 Apologies – Members are asked to formally receive and approve apologies.
NP/02/10/18 Declarations of Interest.
NP/03/10/18 Minutes of the Meeting 10th September 2018.
NP/04/10/18 Chairs Report including activities, matters arising & updates.
NP/05/10/18 Biodiversity / wildlife update and requirements.
NP/06/10/18 Buildings considered to be of historical importance update and requirements.
NP/07/10/18 Views deemed to be of significant importance to the Parish update and requirements.
NP/08/10/18 Housing Needs Assessment update and requirements.
NP/09/10/18 Call for Sites & Site Assessment update and requirements.
NP/10/10/18 Sustainability update and requirements.
NP/11/10/18 Green Spaces / Green Wedges update and requirements.
NP/12/10/18 Review of draft plan, contents and requirements for consideration.
NP/13/10/18 Timeline – Members are asked to consider a timeline and to delegate tasks to ensure timely delivery of information for insertion into the plan.
NP/14/10/18 Consultant Requirements – next actions.
NP/15/10/18 Date of next meeting – Monday 12th November 2018.