Latest News 25th September 2018

Latest News!

Work with our Consultants appointed by Locality to complete the Parish Housing Needs Assessment and Site Assessment is now underway.

The Chairman of the Parish Council, Roy Hawkesford, has spent a considerable amount of time ensuring that the Consultants have the right  contacts as well as the best, up to date, information to work with. Ellie Gingell, the South Northants Council (SNC) Planner with special responsibility for Neighbourhood Plans, has also been making sure that all the relevant information from SNC has been made available to the Consultants.  Early indications suggest that there is a housing need in the area, if only to meet the general housing requirement placed on SNC by the Government. Further work is needed by the Consultant to identify the nature of the demand and the number, and types, of housing units needed.

Roy and Ellie have also been working closely with the Locality Consultant carrying out Site Assessment. The Consultant has been working with SNC Planning Team to understand what areas of  land might be available to develop in and around the Parish. The Consultant has also been briefed on the applications and enquiries about development in the area that SNC has dealt with in recent years. At some point in the near future discussions with land owners may need to be undertaken.

Whilst this is going on other members of the team are carrying out work on the environment and protecting the character of the villages as well as attending meetings and reading other Local Plans to make sure that we fully understand what is required.

Our next meeting is at Hackleton Parish Hall on Monday 18th October at 19:00.