Steering Committee Meeting May 30th 2018


In attendance: Roy Hawkesford, Maz Woolley, Tina Charteress, Tom Peterkin, Carol Lloyd, Jo Willmer, Gary Youens.

The purpose of the meeting was to scrutinise material for the display boards for the display in Hackleton Village Hall on June 2nd, 10.00 to 16.00.

All of the material was checked against the headings for the boards. Everyone agreed that there was nothing missing and that the only problem might be that we have to be selective.

Tina brought single sided Velcro to attach the materials to the boards; she also ordered a box of small pens for people to fill in the questionnaire.

Roy to supply blue tack.

The steering group will get into the Village Hall on June 1st at 6.00 to put up the display ready for the next morning.

Parish Council members will be asked to arrive at 9.30 for a briefing, prior to the opening at 10.00.

Roy Hawkesford

Steering Committee Meetings 14th and 21st May 2018




Two meetings took place, on the 14th and 21st May 2018.

In attendance: Roy Hawkesford, Maz Woolley, Tina Charteress, Tom Peterkin and Carol Lloyd. Anna Palmberg  and Jo Willmer attended on the 14th, Guy Ward on the 21st.

The purpose of the meetings was to prepare material for the display boards for the display in Hackleton Village Hall on June 2nd, 10.00 to 16.00.

At the first meeting, A4 laminated posters were distributed to members to be attached to telegraph poles, lampposts and notice boards. At the second meeting it was agreed who would leaflet which areas of the parish and the A5 leaflets were available for members to take for distribution.

The detail for each board was discussed and individual members were tasked with the production of written material, plans and photographs. This was done and further developed at the second meeting. Maz, as editor through this project, put all of the documents into a common font (Arial), layout and colour scheme.

It was decided what we needed in terms of materials to make the boards, to attach the documents to them.

There was a lengthy discussion about the content of the questionnaire, to be available on the day, to collect information from the public about the display and the Neighbourhood Plan. It was decided to include a question about the proposed MUGA, following a meeting of the Parish Council where it was agreed that we should consult on the MUGA.

A meeting has been arranged for May 30th, at 6.30, to go through all the material for the boards and make final adjustments to the layout, etc.

The steering group will get into the Village Hall at 6.00pm to erect the display in readiness for the following morning.

Parish Council members will be asked to arrive at the Village Hall on the Saturday June 2nd at 9.30am for a briefing, prior to the opening of the Hall at 10.00am

Roy Hawkesford, Chairman

Forum Housing Needs Request October 2016

In October 2016 the Hackleton Parish Council sought responses from parishioners about housing need, text included below.

Forum is distributed to most homes in the Parish. There is no record of any responses being received to this PC initiative.





Hackleton Parish Council wants to find out what the current and future affordable housing needs are. It is important for us to know what housing is required now, and, more importantly, to get an idea of what might be required in the future. Obviously, it’s not easy, in the case of future needs, for Parish Councillors to predict numbers, but you, as parishioners, may be able to give us the information we need.

You may have children who might want to stay in the area, or you may have ageing family members. This is an opportunity for you to consider the future and to let us know what you might need.

The government defines affordable housing as “social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing provided to specified eligible households whose needs are not met by the market”.29 May 2015

In order to qualify for affordable housing, you must have

  1. been living in the Parish for at least 3 – 5 years;
  2. lived in the Parish in the past;
  3. relatives living in the Parish;
  4. be employed within the Parish.

The Parish mainly consists of the villages of Hackleton, Piddington, Horton, Preston Deanery and part of Wootton Fields.

Please contact us through the Clerk to the Parish Council, Anna Palmberg, at, or on 01604 871222 (office hours 11 -1pm Monday to Friday)


Forum MUGA Consultation February 2017

Hackleton Parish Council identified the need for additional recreational facilities during the “Have your say” exercise in 2013. After a decision had been taken to look into the provision of  a multi-use games area (MUGA) in Hackleton Rec this was placed in Forum seeking local comment. The Parish Clerk received a number of responses to this.




Hackleton Parish Council is seeking feedback on a proposed Multi Use Games Area (MUGA), to be located in the parish, at the top of the recreation ground, adjacent to the school, in Hackleton. The facility would be for use by all members of the parish and is a fenced area with a tarmac surface containing markings for 5/6-a-side football, basketball, tennis and hockey.

Funding would be available for this from (S106) funds resulting from the development of housing at Wootton Fields. This particular fund is solely for “the provision of off-site sports pitches to serve the development” within the parish. As it comes under the parish council, and there is sufficient space there, the recreation ground would be the appropriate place for such a development.

The parish council believes that a MUGA would cater for a cross section of the community and provide best value for money.

If you would like to comment on the proposal, please contact the Parish Clerk, Anna Palmberg, at or on 01604 871222.


Steering Committee Meeting April 30th 2018


Present: Chairman Mr Roy Hawkesford, C Lloyd, M Woolley, Cllr T Peterkin. Apologies Cllr Tina Charteress

The aims of the meeting:

  1. Councillor Godfrey Tobutt to make available some of the Village Hall boards and the number of them that are available for the event
  2. To produce a diagram listing boards and board content and to start allocating work to board members and identify others who need to be contacted and allocate people to make the contacts..


  1. TC to provide details of what maps are available for use at event.
  2. TC to discuss photos old old villages with Maureen – 4 A4ish needed . We can scan photographs or print from JPG files as is best
  3. MW to contact Peter Elliot for some more modern 60s and 70s pictures Max of 4
  4. MW to ask Cllr Willmer to identify if there is an aerial map of Roman Piddington
  5. TC to see if Maureen and Roy Friendship-Taylor wish to attend
  6. MW to have a go at infographics for the 2013 results summary with RH.
  7.  RH to look at what has happened since 2013 housing changes, lighting, MUGA, etc
  8. RH to look at what words etc for NP activity to date
  9. TC to be asked if she has any pictures of Cricket Club Meeting.
  10.  RH and TP to look at getting words together for policies that will be included in a NP
  11. CL to look at what needs to go into board on “what is good development” extracting words from vision statement
  12. Community/Recreation TP to contact Horton Cricket club for digital file or picture we can blow up to A4. Someone needs to contact Football Club for a photo. MW to contact VAnessa and see if we can get a shot of horse riding. MW to get Group 8 and Fireworks event related shots.
  13. RH and CL progressing Questionaire
  14. MW progressing printing

Hall Plan