Steering Group Meeting 27th April 2018


Present: Chairman Mr Roy Hawkesford, C Lloyd, M Woolley, Cllr T Peterkin and Cllr T Charteress.

  1. MW was instructed to order: Roller Banner, A5 Flyers, A4 Laminated Posters and Business Cards based on quotes passed to TC and the Chairman.
  2. Potential Reviewers and specialist contributors to be contacted. TC to contact Maureen Williams and Roy Friendship-Taylor. Chair to talk to Cllr Joe WIllmer and Cllr Guy Ward
  3. Agree best if Cllr Tobutt is invited to next meeting and for it to be in the Annex if possible so we can set up a few boards to get an impression of what space we have to fill and what will work best
  4. Need a flipcart and “Sharpies” for next meeting to draw up what boards are needed and what we think be should go on the boards – Chair to obtain them
  5. MW agreed to look at some infographics to present the information from the previous public consultation.
  6. Chair to look at what the Parish Council has done to address some of the wishes from the last consultation
  7. MW agreed to get size information for badges from printer, do a design and get a quote from Almac for badges for the event.
  8. Agreed that documents and event should give the as contact mailbox. MW to update contact form on website to make sure that it also forwards to that address by the time of the event.
  9. Agreed that we needed to explore having roller advert for event at Churches and Chapel on a Sunday leading up to the event as well as at other events like Group 8 play.
  10. TP has identified where he can get ties to attach A4 laminated sheets to lamp posts
  11. Monday meeting (30/4) should aim to identify content needing to be produced and start process of allocating responsibilities
  12. It was decided that photographs used should be 10×8 or A4 size so they can be seen and an online supplier to be used to produce them at about £1.25 a copy. Monday meeting needs to create a photograph list and allocate people to obtain them.
  13. “What you said” results need to be managed to prevent discussions dwelling on issues outside the neighbourhood plan so Education, Roads and Pavements etc may not be covered in detail but as part of the who does what display.

Next Meeting Monday 30th April 2018


Steering Group Meeting April 18th 2018


Present: Chairman Mr Roy Hawkesford, C Lloyd, M Woolley, Cllr T Peterkin and the Clerk (Ms Anna Palmberg)

1.      M Woolley mentioned that the steering group should be made up of two groups:

§  Full members – those who are able to attend meetings and devote some time to plan

§  Reviewers – those able to read output and comment, attend events, provide specialist input

·         Add possible members before event

2.      Event tasks and allocation of work:

§  NN Pulse and Forum articles complete
§  A5 leaflet:                                                                                      Action
–          Artwork completed    CL to forward to MW
–          3,000 copies to be printed        MW to obtain quotes
–          Proof to be read         RH
–          St Georges Fields welcome flyer           TP
–          Volunteers for drop     TP, RH, CL, MW, AP, GY
§  A4 poster:
–      TC and CL to complete
–      60 laminate copies to be printed    MW to obtain quotes
–      Chassis strips and cable ties         TP
–    Organise roadside boards (week in advance)                  TBC
§  Generic business cards:

(two sided with “branding” Logo + website. On back: “have your say”              MW to design and circulate

500 and 1000 quotes to be obtained                                MW

§         Kids Questionnaire                                                            MW to design
§          Event questionnaire (7 topics, A4 sheet folded)               CL
§          Pull up board                                                                     MW
§          Event boards: 7 topics plus Intro on Parish/what is the NP/what happens next/
§ Can you help?   Design                                                                MW
§  Photographs:
–          Village activities TBC
–          Building styles     TBC
§  Rolling powerpoint on screen                                              low priority
§  “What you said” from 2013 to be displayed                                  RH
§  Website update: Minutes of last meetings MW

3.      It was agreed that “experts” in certain aspects of the parish would be co-opted eg. R Friendship-Taylor and J Willmer if willing as “reviewers”

4.      It was agreed that meetings will need to be held weekly. The next full meeting will be held on Monday 30th April at 7pm though a meeting in the day to review progress before the meeting was proposed to be hosted by RH.

Steering Group Meeting 9th April 2018

9thth April 2018


Present: Chairman Mr Roy Hawkesford, C Lloyd, G Youens, Cllr T Peterkin.

The purpose of tonight’s meeting was to update progress on the Minutes/Action Plan from the last meeting:

  1. Pre-publicity for June 2nd
  2. Dissemination of publicity
  3. Preparation of materials for the event
  4. Logistics of the event itself.

  1. The A5 leaflet has been done (Carol and Tina). The A4 poster needs a bit more work, but should be ready shortly. A ‘business card’ needs to be designed.

The NN Pulse article is ready to go.

Carol will see tomorrow if she can get the same article in the May edition of Forum. The deadline was April 1st, but it may still be possible.

  1. There was further discussion on how and where the leaflets and posters could go, including NN Pulse, notice boards, surgery, school, lampposts, etc. We should have a standing pull-up notice at the Village Hall, given all the groups that use it. The Village Hall Committee should be contacted for permission. There is a pull up notice board in the Annexe. We should use other community groups, like the WI, to help spread the word about the event.
  2. We have to decide next week who will work on various tasks: preparation of maps, photographs and written blurb for the presentation. Someone to co-ordinate this activity? Maz has produced a layout for the Hall…

We also have to arrange printing of the materials for the event – as well as the pre-publicity leaflets and posters. Someone prepared to do that, dealing with designer/printer? Probably someone on the PC, to deal with the ordering/payments/accounting side of things.

  1. There are about 40 display boards, stored in the Annexe, that we can use. These link to each other in a zigzag formation; they sit on tables. They require Velcro strips – or something appropriate – as they are not pin boards. They are A1 size.

It was agreed that some kind of dress rehearsal for the day would be good, to check that we have everything we need and that the presentation meets our expectations. It would be desirable if we could set up the day before, rather than on the morning itself.

The WI have agreed very kindly to lay on tea and cakes on the day.

Roy Hawkesford

9th April 2018



Next Steering Group Meeting April 9th

The next meeting is at the Village Hall in Hackleton on April 9th at 19:00.

The meeting will be looking at the publicity material which has been developed by a sub group for the Event on June 2nd, and make decisions on leaflets and leaflet drops.

It will also look at all the other outstanding tasks needed to get preparation for the event under way identified by the other sub-group reporting.  These tasks will need to be allocated to people to get done over the next few weeks.