Latest Activities

Our most recent meeting was a formal Steering Committee meeting on Monday 9th March.

If you wish to read the latest monthly report prepared by the Committee Chair then it can be found here.

The plan has been issued for Formal Consultation under ‘Regulation 14’. The formal consultation period will be from March 6th to April 24th. It may be viewed on this website at

Following the Government’s instructions on 23rd March closing businesses and public services, and limiting our rights of assembly we have decided that our consultation will now be available online only. To access it use the link in the paragraph above.

We investigating the creation of loan packs for those in the parish who cannot view the plan and make their responses online but distributing these would not comply with the latest restrictions on movement so we have had to abandon the idea.

Next Meetings

The next full steering group will be scheduled for after the Regulation 14 Consultation is complete, subject to the current regulations on assembly being lifted by that time.