Latest Activities

The consultation on the draft plan has now ended and we met on November 1st to review the comments we have received from South Northants Council, interested parties and the community .

The SNC approval of planning permission for 21 homes at the top of Lyne Walk on 31st October has obviously also had to be taken into account in our deliberations of exactly what the Final Plan should look like.

We have taken all the comments seriously. In some cases your comments are on matters outside the scope of the plan but we intend to pass those over to those bodies who they concern, be it NCC, SNC or the Parish Council.

We have reviewed certain aspects of the plan and feel some changes are needed and will now consult with the Parish Council to obtain their approval for the key changes. We will also need to consult SNC further to fully understand their comments and ensure that the plan is clearer in the areas that they question.

Once we have addressed everyone’s comments and made the changes we feel are needed the final plan will go for official consultation and Planning Inspection.

Although the official consultation period is over you may always let the team know what you think at any time by adding a comment to this website.

Our latest Steering Group Meeting was held on the 9th September and minutes will be posted after they are approved at the next meeting. 

Next Meeting

The next formal meeting date is to be agreed.