Latest Activities

Our most recent meeting was a formal meeting using Zoom on Tuesday 19th January 2021. This meeting recorded the point in the development of the draft plan where Hackleton Parish Council has passed the draft plan to SNC for review and for Regulation 16 Consultation to take place. SNC will then arrange for a review by a Planning Inspector in line with legislation prior to running a referendum on its adoption.

Once SNC has updated the plan with details of the R16 consultation dates and passed it back to Hackleton Parish Council we will upload the plan to this website.

If you wish to read the latest monthly report prepared by the Committee Chair then it can be found here.

Formal Consultation under ‘Regulation 14’ took place from March 6th to April 24th 2020 and is now complete. The version of the plan at that date may be viewed on this website at

Next Meetings

The next meetings will be planned once SNC have reviewed the R16 version of the draft plan.