Latest Activities

We now have a draft version of the Neighbourhood Plan from our Consultant. This has been reviewed by the team and we will be discussing areas where we think that more definite policies and aspirations are needed before the document can be released for informal consultation.

We attended the Community Day in Longland Park on Saturday 20th with a display and more on that can be found here.

Our latest Steering Group Meeting was held on the 15th July and minutes will be posted after they are approved at the next meeting. 

Reports on progress were made across all the areas of the plan and material to act as evidence or form policy has now been completed and passed to our Consultant. A few minor details need to be chased up but they should not interfere with the Consultant’s work creating of the draft plan.  

We are still aiming at a completion of the initial draft plan and initiation of consultations over the summer months.

A working party meeting was held on 5th July and the meeting record for this can be found here.

Next Meeting

Our next formal meeting is on Monday 12th August at Hackleton Village Hall . 7:00 PM