Latest Activities

We had a working party meeting on the 31st May and a meeting record will be issued after the team has approved it. 

The meeting focused on progress checking the material being prepared for our Consultant to use in preparing the draft plan. Material on historical buildings has been passed on, and work on green spaces is close to being passed on. The material collected during the street walks has been used to create maps showing time bands when developments took place in Hackleton, Horton and Piddington. The next step is typing up survey notes and a full evaluation of the data useful as evidence. 

Previous work on views, protected settings and village separation needs to be updated and passed to the consultant again. 

Other topics covered were the need for permeable surfaces, swales and low carbon options in new developments. The incorporation of some advisory elements of the SNC Design Guide as policies in our plan was discussed. Discussions with our Consultant are needed on these topics to determine how our aims can be turned into viable planning policies.

We are still aiming at a completion of the initial draft plan and initiation of consultations over the summer months.

Next Meeting

Our next formal steering group meeting is on Monday 24th June May 2019  at Hackleton Village Hall . Time to be announced..