Latest Activities

Our most recent meeting was a working party sub-group meeting on the Environment on May 30 – social distancing was observed. This focused on the steps needed to create an appendix which fully supports the planning policy related to the environment and shows how the green corridors we wish to maintain are important in a wider context as well as in their own right. The meeting record may be read here.

If you wish to read the latest monthly report prepared by the Committee Chair then it can be found here. And a short update following clarification on Regulation 16 consultation which may be found here.

Formal Consultation under ‘Regulation 14’ took place from March 6th to April 24th 2020 and is now complete. The version of the plan at that date may be viewed on this website at

The next step is for us to update the plan following our review of representations made during regulation 14. Work to alow this update is now underway and we hope to submit this to South Northants Council (SNC) for Regulation 16 review to be undertaken.

Next Meetings

The next meeting will be a working party meeting when we have had responses on Regulation 16 under ‘lockdown’ from SNC.