Latest Activities

Our most recent meeting was a working party meeting on November 29th. This agreed a new format for the table containing listings of non-designated heritage buidings etc. Some work will now be completed guided by Historic England advice documents and the table sent to SNC for informal approval. Our Consultant has been informed that he may re-cast the document without any site allocation. Green Corridors need further discussion with SNC as does ridge and furrow away from village boundaries. Chair to arrange a meeting with SNC which is expected to be in the New Year now.

The Parish Council meeting on 26th November 2019 accepted the recommendation from the Neighbourhood Plan Committee that following the SNC approval of planning permission for 21 homes at the top of Lyne Walk on 31st October there is no need to allocate a housing site in the Neighbourhood Plan.

We met with the SNC Conservation Officer on 20/11/2019 to fully understand comments and have identified some changes we need to make to make assessment criteria for non-designated Heritage Assets clearer.

Once we have addressed everyone’s comments and made the changes we feel are needed the final plan will go for official consultation and Planning Inspection.

Although the official consultation period is over you may always let the team know what you think at any time by adding a comment to this website.

Next Meetings

The next working group and steering group meetings are yet to be arranged but are now expected early in the New Year.