Latest Activities

Our most recent meeting was a working party meeting using Zoom on Wednesday 13th January 2021. This meeting agreed that the R16 plan version, and some of its supporting documents, needed further small changes before they could be passed to the Parish Clerk to pass on to SNC,

The Parish Council has agreed that the plan, and supporting documents, may be passed to SNC by the Clerk when the Neighbourhood Plan team have ensured all requested changes have been made.

If you wish to read the latest monthly report prepared by the Committee Chair then it can be found here.

Formal Consultation under ‘Regulation 14’ took place from March 6th to April 24th 2020 and is now complete. The version of the plan at that date may be viewed on this website at

Next Meetings

A working party meeting is scheduled for the 18th January to check all is ready for the submission of the plan and a formal meeting will take place on the 19th January to formally record the passing of the plan to SNC for R16 consultations.