Latest Activities

Latest consultations on the Hackleton Parish Neighbourhood Plan are now complete and are available to view at:

Under Examination!

We’ve done all our work and now it is the turn of an independent examiner to review our Neighbourhood Plan and make sure that it meets a number of criteria set by the Government in Town and Country Planning legislation.

The Examiner has begun working on our Neighbourhood Plan and has set us our first test! He has sent questions to clarify our intentions and suggested items needed to make the plan clearer. These are currently being addressed by the team, and our consultant. Considerable thought is needed when answering to make sure that we get the best plan we can. At some point the Examiner intends to visit the parish to check for himself the relevance of our policies and is likely to set us more tests before the examination is over!

Once the independent examiner has completed the review they will issue a report to West Northamptonshire (South) Planning Team who will then publish it. If the local planning authority is satisfied that the report complies with planning considerations then West Northamptonshire Planning will send the plan to a referendum within the Parish.

We will share the progress of the examination on this website as we are updated.

Our most recent working party meeting record may be read here.

Next Meetings

The next meeting is a working party meeting on July 1st at 19:00 to discuss the response to the Examiner’s questions.